Golf Club Wasteland – 100% Full Achievement / Trophy Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Zesty!

Includes spoiler-free locations as well. All-in-one complete achievements guide.

How to Obtain All Achievements / Trophies

Non-Spoiler Achievement Locations

  • 11 – Love Letter to Belgrade
  • 12 – Moo
  • 15 – Swish
  • 16 – Art Lover
  • 16 – Only Art Remains
  • 18 – The Little Hoarder
  • 20 – Weeeee
  • 23 – Crossbar
  • 23 – Everything Must Go
  • 23 – Overrated Artist
  • 25 – Party Animal
  • 28 – Animal Lover
  • 29 – Sisyphus
  • 33 – The Beauty Of The Apocalypse

Not Location Specific (Scroll to Last Section)

  • Challenge Completed
  • No worries, it happens
  • Home Sweet Home
  • I’m on fire!
  • Iron Will!
  • Practice makes perfect!

Warning! Spoilers below!


11 – Love Letter to Belgrade

  • Idle on the upside-down car.

12 – Moo

  • Land the golf ball on the back of the cow.

15 – Swish

  • Hit the ball down the basketball hoop. If you’re having trouble, get directly underneath it and hit it straight up.

16 – Art Lover

  • Idle in front of information board in front of statue on the platform in the middle of the museum.

16 – Only Art Remains

  • Hit the red button in the bottom left corner of the museum.

18 – The Little Hoarder

  • Land the ball in front of the stump with the hole. A squirrel will carry it inside.

20 – Weeeee

  • Hit the ball into the yellow slide. You need to do it softly enough that it doesn’t jet out of the other end into the piles of leaves.

23 – Crossbar

  • Hit the ball against the crossbar (of the goalposts) on the roof of the supermarket.

23 – Everything Must Go

  • Bounce the ball off each of the three hanging “SALE!!” signs.

23 – Overrated Artist

  • Break all four pieces of art at the end of the level.

25 – Party Animal

  • Idle on the dancefloor.

28 – Animal Lover

  • Hit the ball into the serpent’s mouth.

29 – Sisyphus

  • To the left of spawn there’s an orange button. Hit it three times.

33 – The Beauty Of The Apocalypse

  • Idle on the long platform jutting out the right-side of the level.

Other Achievements

Challenge Completed!

  • Complete all 34 levels in Challenge Mode.

No worries, it happens

  • Environmental hazard.

Home Sweet Home

  • Complete all 34 levels in Story Mode. You do not get this if you complete the game on harder difficulties.

I’m on fire! (and all lesser variations)

  • Score Par on 29 levels.

Iron Will!

  • You must complete every level in Iron Mode without going over par. You will be unable to reset a level. Iron Mode is unlocked by completing the game in Challenge mode.

Practice makes perfect!

  • Get 3 hole-in-ones on 3 different holes in the same playthrough.

Recommended levels: 2, 3, 4, 5, and 14.

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