Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing


  • Archers are the god-kings of damage, try to have at least one, maybe two in your party all game. If you give Canopus a bow, he’s unbelievably deadly and can get anywhere on the battlefield.
  • Damage spells blow unless you’re using them on dragons or golems. Use status effect spells instead. Earth and Dark have the best status effects, but water’s the only out-and-out shitty element. Be very careful when you’re using missile spells, I can’t count the number of times I’ve messed up and nailed one of my own dudes
  • If you’re using Rune Fencers/Valkyries, outfit them to be roving buffbots, they’ll never do enough damage to help out more than a few times a battle and they take damage like wet toilet paper.
  • When you get a chance, get a Lobber, stick it on your cleric, and give her the highest level of Field Alchemy you’ve got. Voila, you’ve now at least doubled your healing effectiveness.

Kill every enemy in a battle when you can, you’ll be getting pretty much all your money from selling previously-owned equipment. Make sure to pick up the tarot cards, too, if you can. It takes a few of them to increase a stat, but it’s worth it. If you’re getting your face pushed in, there’s no shame in just sniping the enemy commander with Canopus or somebody and moving on, some battles are just hard.

Make sure all your clerics and Catiua know Exorcise and make sure you’ve got a couple scrolls sitting around for everyone else to use. Undead are assholes and will keep coming back to life until you exorcise them. Also, Catiua can use Spiritsurge, make sure to teach it to her.
Give everyone the Anatomy skill ASAP, you mostly fight humans and it takes forever to skill-up.

If you use the crafting system for only one thing, make it weapon upgrades. It’s a really bad crafting system and outfitting everyone with updated stuff takes way too damn long, but weapons alone will make a big difference. A prime example is the +1 shortbow. When crafts start getting any significant chance of failure, savescum it. You owe it to yourself to make crafting as painless as possible.

Just go ahead and use Chariot. All it causes you to miss out on is a useless title for perfectionists. The game, especially the post-game, is built around the assumption that you’re abusing Chariot. Use Chariot to recruit enemy units. Use it when you accidentally hit your own unit with a missile spell. Maybe even use it when Parry and Deflect activate later on because that ability is total bull.

On classes: Warriors are always solid and it doesn’t take long before they can use their auto-crit every round. Archers are the best unit, hands down. Wizards get excellent debuffs. Go with dark magic if you want a little of everything. Clerics are nice, but many players do fine with just items and Lobbers. Knights eventually get pretty iffy, but the first couple ranks of Rampart Aura transfer to some other melee classes like dragoons, which easily solve any dragon/beast problems you may be having. Assuming your archers haven’t done it already. Rogues aren’t worth using for stealing, but they have some pretty badass skills and do a good job of ruining someone’s day with daggers. That’s mostly what I used, off the top of my head.

  • Give Canopus a 2-handed crossbow and never look back.
  • The last boss in chapter 3 can drop the Book of Gemstones. If a tarot card drops instead, reset. You need this item.
  • Baldur weapons deal extreme amounts of damage to undead units.
  • Element boosting abilities work with elemental weapons. Hits with those weapons also gain experience for those skills.
  • The wizard/enchantress’s Meditation skill is awesome. Learn it, boost it with equipment and use it constantly. The only penalty to spamming it is slightly longer waits between turns.
  • The AI is more than happy to snag your loot like a petulant child.


  • For the sake of simplicity, plan to have a Cleric and a Priest. This way you’ll have access to Heal+ and Revivify.
  • Charge is a spell which recovers more MP than it costs. It also does this at a range much greater than MP recovery items.
  • The success rate of status changing magic is based on DEX.
  • Bows aren’t restricted to the displayed attack range. Get even a little higher than your target and you can reliably fire 3 or 4 tiles farther. An excellent height advantage gives an Archer her pick of targets anywhere on the map! They’ll also generally kill casters in one shot.
  • Follow a step by step guide, there’s so much you’ll miss if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.
  • If you’re worried, stick to using multiple saves so you can go back if you don’t like the results. There are two critical choices that change the way the story plays out. These choices also change your leader’s alignment, potentially barring him from using the class you want. This doesn’t matter quite as much if you decide to go for his spoiler-y uber class near the end. The choices also change which special characters you can get your hands on. One specific path even includes all four sisters and the nice sidequest associated with them.
  • At some points you can choose one of two battles. These usually have different rare equipment in them. Like the difference between getting a water and air bow or an earth and fire bow. Not a huge deal, but some of us get a little OCD over this game sometimes.
  • And if you want the super lazy grinding method, try this. Take two healers. Unequip them. Give them nothing but Heal. Set them against each other in training, both AI controlled. Go read a book or something while they slug it out, but hang around to press a button in case the spell quote comes up. They’ll level up smacking each other around. Maybe stop every now and then to use them as punching bags for the rest of your party for ungodly amounts of experience. It’s possible to get to a point where even high DEX characters have a 1% chance to hit from behind. Consider stunning them or something to make it easier.
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