Tale of Wuxia – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Tale of Wuxia game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

Character Creation

  • Morale determines how much experience you gain in Sim Mode. Industrious increases morale when you do things you want to maximize your XP on, Smart increases morale when you do things that are easy to max anyway or give fixed amounts of skill points. Pick Industrious.
  • Don’t worry too much about stats here – the only real reason to reroll once you get the traits you want is if end with up a single digit Attack, Defense, or Comprehension (which are harder to raise in game and have much broader effects) or if you have a specific skill you want to max ASAP and are willing to reroll until you get a 30 in it.

RPG Mode

  • Your goal here is try and trigger as many events as possible before your time is up. Consider keeping a save at the start in case you want to go back and do it more efficiently, and possibly one in the prior Sim week if a quest calls for something you’d rather preemptively buy from the valley shop instead of messing around with the minigame to try and get it (read: herb gathering).
  • If you have any leftover time and can’t find something to do, spend it on the production minigames, preferably mining (for money and treasure chests) or hunting (for the health/energy boosts).
  • Some of the minor locations don’t have ending events – if you didn’t get a time limit at the start, just move on once you’ve exhausted everything you can find to do.

Sim Mode

  • Pick a single weapon/unarmed style and focus on stuff relating to that – you can’t really change weapons in battle, so you want to have multiple styles available to switch between for that weapon. Fist, Sword, or Blade are safe choices, as there are a lot of straight-forward to acquire styles for them, you automatically start with one for them, and you’ll get an advanced one for free later on as well.
  • Every combat style has one stat that boosts its damage (in addition to Attack, Combat, and Martial Knowledge which boost all of them), which is generally listed on its book page unless the text size overflows it, but most of them are obvious anyway. Consider maxing that stat once you find a style you want to use as your main one.
  • The majority of your stamina is spent either strolling for random events or on training Basics. An average schedule, assuming you’ve picked Industrious, is 2-3 weeks/month doing two basic trainings, and 2-3 doing a stroll followed by production or one of the Wangyou sages once they unlock, leaving one stamina to restore the Morale hit you take.
  • There are way more Stroll events then you can possibly do, even if you spend every week strolling, and the game randomly picks one of all the possible options when you select a location. You should absolutely consider abusing save/load to get events that sound interesting/relevant (character you like, reward that seems good, something that seems an event chain you want to advance, etc.)
  • The most important Basic trainings are Internal Styles (boosts all base stats), Flexibility (boosts Attack), and Toughness (boosts Defense). A good strategy is to focus on internal styles until you have ~2000 health, then rotate them until flexibility/toughness/at least one Internal Style is maxed. Qinggong is move range, but is boosted by several internal styles as a bonus so can be maxed later.
  • Unless you have an style book that requires a certain level of a weapon to learn (eg. Staff 80), there’s no reason to train Moves in this mode. You can max out a combat style by just using it in battle.
  • The courier is the fastest way to raise affection, but consider holding off until later in the game once you’ve gone through most of the available increases/decreases. Read people’s bios to find out what they like. The two items to note for this are the Yellow Paper (+50 to any male character) and the various “pillow books” (+50/80 to literally 90% of the cast).


  • The important affection breakpoints are 5 (base), 0 (you went against them in an event and now they hate you), 60 (needed for some events), and 100 (needed for 80% of the relevant checks and for them to be considered your “ally”).
  • Gong (the herb guy) is an asshole who has like eight separate events that instantly tank either his or someone else’s affection to 0. Do not waste your time befriending him.
  • The item Lime Powder is an arc attack that applies a -90% accuracy debuff for three turns. Buy it out every time you see it and abuse it on any fight you have trouble with.
  • Until the DLC unlocks New Game+, difficulty doesn’t actually unlock anything. Feel free to play on the lower levels if you want.
  • Speaking of DLC, ignore the Dual style listed on your character sheet. There is as of yet no way to actually increase this stat. Only Ji’s cool enough to hold two swords at once.
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