DELTARUNE – Secrets (Easter Eggs)

Secrets (Easter Eggs)

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  • If you acquired the “Bed Inspector” rank in the first chapter, Hatty and the bed in Kris’s room have some unique dialogue in the prologue, and when you discover the moss in the alley, you level up to “Moss Inspector”.
  • If you use Ralsei’s R skill on a mouse, he puts food in a mouse trap, which Susie proceeds to get stuck in. In fact almost all the enemies appear to have unique dialogue for the R/S skills separate from the act menu.
  • You get extra dialogue with Swatch about Rouxls Kaard if you go back after his encounter.
  • If you reload from the final checkpoint, or reenter the room from the left instead of entering the final boss room, you get extra dialogue with Berdley.
  • Noelle’s father will note if you inspect the sink in his hospital room during both chapters
  • After you defeat Spamton Neo, you can find pedestrians outside the storefronts of the city complaining that there are no staff working (since they all headed over to the garbage disposal).
  • Lancer gets unique dialogue if you check your key items after every major story beat, reminiscent of Papyrus’s phone calls (although not in every room). He also gets unique dialogue if you check your inventory inside the bakery or Ralsei’s castle while he is present.
  • If you head back to Nubert’s first encounter, his sign will be wearing a wig, having “moved up in the world” as well.
  • Ralsei ranks up to “Hug Prince” if you hug him on the swan ride, and Susie ranks up to “Healing Master”.
  • The following characters have unique dialogue if you put them at the same table in the Castle Town cafe. Rudinn and Hathy, Rudinn and Rudinn Ranger, Hathy and Head Hathy, Rabbick and Swatchling, Head Hathy and Werewerewire, Tasque and Maus, Virovirokun and Ambyu-Lance, Werewire and Werewerewire
  • The chalk Susie gave you turned into “Light Candy” once you enter the darklands.
  • If you click on Poppup’s pop ups enough times, they duplicate and crash, as an alternative way to spare them.
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