Slasher’s Keep – Alchemy Vessel Permalearn Skill Quick Guide

A compilation of all potential potion combinations that result in permalearning skills.


This is a simple guide I made as a quick reference for when you want to use your alchemy vessel to permalearn a skill. There are 6 melee skills and 6 spell skills you can permalearn via potion combinations for a total of 12 skills to earn outside of leveling up. Don’t forget to drink the potion after you combine the two. You may combine them in any order.

The list is in order by melee skills and then spell skills, from best to worst in my opinion.

Please Note: A lot of the skill previews show leveled up stats, I don’t want to go back and add all the level 1 stats for each one because I don’t think that is necessary and I think the gist of what each skill provides is communicated enough.

All Potential Items That Can Be Added to an Alchemy Vessel


Master Parrier

Fire Damage

Ice Damage

Mind Blast

Mace Knockback


Fiery Shots

Power Reloads



Force Knight


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