Actraiser Renaissance – Tips for Beginners

Please note: all credit goes to SprigganXIII!

Tips and EZ Guide: If You’Re Stuck Please Read This

First and foremost going to try and steer away from Spoilers, but there may be some; due to what is considered a spoiler may vary person to person.

So first what the game doesn’t teach you:

Building Gatehouses, Blockhouses & Magehouses (a.k.a. Forts):

To build any of these open the Manage Forts menu (LB or L1: Note will use L1 & R1 going forward) select the build option and then you can select the building type using the (L1 or R1).

When Fort type is selected a grid will appear: Red = blocked & Blue are areas it can currently be placed.

Tip: If the place you want to put the fort is Red simply cast a destructive miracle (Lightning or Earthquake) to destroy the current building occupying the spot you want.

Increasing Population:

This really comes down to two things:

  • Upgrade Farms; As your city levels up the buildings (Workhouses, Houses and Farms) the villagers can build will also level up. The building that are currently placed WILL NOT automatically level up. So again cast a destructive miracle (Lightning or Earthquake) to destroy them and when the people rebuild them they will upgrade.
  • Building out Roads: This is the sneaky one! The villagers will only build near roads, so if you find that you have fully upgraded Farms but your population is stuck at 486 of 502, get to finding that half inch of road that has been built out yet so the villagers can place a new house. TIP: try to wrap and close the grid around all the roads you have already built.

Kill Quests:

These are for the most part really easy save for the very first one you get (how ironic) Kill 10 Mandrake/Tree things (forgot the real name)… its not the Tree itself its the little spider/bug things it drops. It will drop two large seed pods that spawn one bug each kill 10 and quest done.

Other then that Kill Quest can usually be completed with two runs of either Act 1 or 3 accessed from the World Map (side scroll action bits: Act 1 – Single sword icon & Act 2 = Dual Sword Icon).

Item Quests:

These for the most part are pretty simple give the ppl resource they request. However each Town will have a late quest the calls for an item that IS NOT from that area and can be obtain for a later Town so when you come across these just move your progress forward in another town you will know when you get the item needed then simply return to deliver it.

Another Tip: Check your ally’s profiles. They each have a bonus passive such as increasing fort damage done or reducing fort damage taken. This may help in factoring in who to call once you have more than two available.

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