World War Z: Aftermath – Achievements / Trophies Guide

A guide to help you obtain 100% achievements / trophies in World War Z: Aftermath.


This guide splits up the achievements into different categories to make it easier to follow. There is 8 level related achievements, 7 kill related achievements, 2 perk and 4 gun related achievements, 4 PVP related achievements and 10 Misc achievements. 35 total achievements.

Main Episode Achievements / Trophies

Finish episode “New York” on any difficulty

Self explanatory, just complete the New York level and you’ve got an achievement. You can do this on any difficulty.

Finish episode “Jerusalem” on any difficulty

Self explanatory, just complete the Jerusalem level and you’ve got an achievement. You can do this on any difficulty.

Salvation of the Motherland
Finish episode “Moscow” on any difficulty

Self explanatory, just complete the Moscow level and you’ve got an achievement. You can do this on any difficulty.

This is just the beginning
Finish all episodes on any difficulty

Self explanatory, complete every level, on any difficulty, and you’ve got an achievement.

Well, what did you achieve?
Finish all episodes on hardest difficulty

Self explanatory, complete every level, on the hardest difficulty, which is set to the Insane difficulty. Yes, there is one harder than that, which is the Extreme difficulty but for some reason, the achievement pops on insane.

Finish 100 games in PvE

Complete 100 games against bots. Just play the campaign levels over and over again, nothing too hard.

Strong immunity
Finish any level without using health packs

Easier than it sounds. Just complete the round without using your health packs.

Finish any level with full team

Finish the level, with every member of your team surviving (including bots).

Kill Related Achievements / Trophies

The floor is lava
Burn 10 zombies with one gasoline puddle

Throughout the levels you’ll come across a few red barrels with a gasoline puddle near it. When there’s a swarm of zombies heading in the direction of that barrel, shoot it or the gasoline, and you should get it, if enough of them run through it and catch on fire.

Chain reaction
Hit 10 zombies with one tazer shot

Using the Slasher class and a stun gun, try and hit 10 different zombies with one tazer shot. You will need to upgrade the class a bit, as attempting it with no upgrades is damned near impossible. At least for me anyway.

Kill 10 zombies with balloon explosions

You can find some explosive red canisters around during the levels, shoot them when an enemy or two is near it. After a few kills via this method, you’ll get the achievement.

Can’t fool me
Kill 20 lying zombies before they get up

Some zombies will be playing “dead”, usually when you enter a new area. You can see they’re still sort of “alive” if you hold your cross-hair over them and it turns red. Shoot them, kill them, bam you got another achievement.

Kill Bull during charge

You can find a few tanky looking zombies throughout the levels, that are similar to the Left 4 Dead Chargers, in which they’ll charge at you and if they get their hands on you, will start pummelling your very essence into the ground. You need to kill them whilst they’re charging to get the achievement.

Sport kills
Kill Lurker midair

Another zombie that reminds me of an enemy from Left 4 Dead is the Lurker. A lot like the Hunter, it usually hides in the dark and jumps on you, holding you on the ground and throwing a few punches here and there. You need to kill him whilst it’s trying to jump on you (might be obtainable if it was trying to jump on a team mate).

Kill 10,000 zombies

Looks like a drag, but is actually easy. It should be obtained once you complete like 4 or 5 of the campaign modes and you’ve done quite a lot of killing in each of them.

Gun Related Achievements / Trophies

There are many guns but this one is mine
Open and buy final version of any weapon

So, before playing a round, you can customise which weapons you start with and the ones you will be able to pick up during said rounds. Purchase each version of, lets say, the 1911 Protector Pistol, all the way up to the final version. Boom, you got that achievement.

Imposing arsenal
Open and buy final versions of all weapons

Just like the last one, but instead of just the 1911 Protector Pistol, you’re going to want to do it with every single gun in the game.

The most effective way
Finish any level using just pistol

Pretty simple, but rather difficult. Play an entire level, without using any other weapon, but your pistol to kill. (You can use your melee and equipment like grenades, but not sure on defences like the manned machine gun).

High caution
Finish any level without dealing friendly damage

Complete an entire level, without hurting your teammates in any way. This is done best with friends or skilled players, on a voice chat.

Perk Related Achievements / Trophies

Open and buy all perks in one specialisation

Similar to the gun perks, you can choose what class you go with. For example, I use Gunslinger, so the logical step for this achievement is to buy all the perks in the Gunslinger tree. For you, it could be the Medic tree or Vanguard tree or one of the other many perk choices.

Note: You don’t have to prestige it, buying all the base perks alone will count towards the achievement.

Open and buy all perks in game

Well, do the one above again but for all of the perks in the game. May take some time, as it involves getting to level 30 with each class.

PvP Related Achievements / Trophies

Finish 25 PvP matches in any mode

Play 25 different Multiplayer matches to the end. You don’t have to win, just participate.

Winner in life
Finish PvP match with highest score in any mode

Get the highest score on the winning team.

Capture the point and hold it until the end of match

In “King Of The Hill”, capture and keep hold of the point without letting the enemy team take it.

Walking bank
Gather 200 resources during single match in scavenge raid mode

Just collect as many boxes as you can, whilst also avoiding death as much as possible. Once you’ve got 200, you should get the achievement. If it doesn’t pop immediately, it should by the end of the match.

Misc Achievements / Trophies

Waste of time
Defuse 10 mines

Sometimes, you’ll come across some claymores. Watch where you step around with them, if you step in front of the red lines, they go boom (obviously). Slowly approach from behind, until given the option to defuse.

Friend of machines
Capture 15 turrets

Sometimes you can come across hostile turrets. Good news though, they can be reprogrammed to attack only the evil dead, and not you.

Open 15 rooms or containers with a breaching charge

Breaching charges can be a pain to find, but once found, can be used to open up some doors that can’t be opened without them. Just open 15 of these doors and voila, you have another achievement.

Build 100 defences

When preparing to defend against a swarm of zombies, there will be items like barbed wire and auto turrets that you can place around. Simply place 100 of these items and you should get the achievement.

Walk into toxic cloud 100 times

Most times upon death, the “Gasbag” enemy will leak a toxic cloud. Walk into these toxic clouds 100 times to get the achievement.

Effective communication
Mark special zombies 50 times

If you see a special type of zombie, press T to mark it out. Do this 50 times and you get the achievement.

Dispense 10 explosive ammo packs to teammates

Using the “Fixer” class, you will have supply bags which have explosive ammo in them, which your teammates can use. Just deploy them, and you should get the achievement.

I am safe!
Use masking grenade on 3 teammates with zombies near

You can obtain masking grenades via a specific perk in the “Fixer” class. Just use one on your teammates when surrounded by zombies.

First Aid
Rescue 30 incapacitated teammates

Help downed teammates up on 30 different occasions. Can be done with bots.

What the doctor ordered
Heal 30 teammates with health lower than 20% with health packs or stim pistol

Just wait until your teammates are critically injured and then heal them. Do it 30 times and boom, achievement. Can be done with bots.

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