Touhou Mystia’s Izakaya – Ultimate Core Mechanics Guide

Definitive Guide to Core Mechanics

Daily Schedule

Each day is split into day and night, Mystia gathers ingredient during the day(10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., each gathering cycle takes half an hour), runs her food stand at night(6:00 p.m. to midnight). some ingredients only appear during certain time period, and need time to regrow.

Running the Food Stand

Normal guests will order food and drinks based on three factors: their preference, the popular trend and the daily menu, if there are food on daily menu they like or popular, they will order those; if not, they will order whatever is the cheapest. Named characters will only give you a descriptive sentance telling you their preference, it is up to you to decide what you want to / can offer. Currently, after each order is fulfilled, there’s a flat 60% chance of them making another order, they also seem to have an order cap where after a certain point, regardless of what you rolled on RNG, the process is shut down and won’t make any new order, forcing them to pay the bill.

Bond System

Bond system is introduced in 18th of July, supposely it’s a big part of game. Currently it goes like this: you can develop bonds with each named character. Bond as a whole contains bond level and affection level, once affection level gets full, a special task can be started – after some dialogue, they will give you a new recepie, you need to offer them that food when they visit, and talk to them the next day. Completing these steps, your bond level should increase. To raise affaction level quickly, give them food they like when they visit. Having higher bond level will bring extra interaction options – invite them to eat(not guaranteed to succeed, but they will come no matter where you are if successful, cost 30min day time) at lv2, ask for spare ingredients(cost 30 min day time) at lv3, ask for spare drinks(cost 30min day time) at lv4, and character specific requests at lv5. Currently, Keine, Rumia and Chen gives special gift upon reaching lv5, Wriggle offers to help ingredient collection at lv5 (cost 30min each time)

Food Appreciation

All named characters have different likes and dislikes shown in the compendium. They won’t order specific food, instead they tell you what kind of taste they currently have in mind. There will be two sentences, one for main dish and another for drinks. When you deliver their order, the game first see if the current request is fulfilled: each request fulfilled earns you one point, If both fulfilled, you get a 2 point bottom score; If you missed either, you get a 3 point cap; haven’t test missing both. After that step, game compares food and drink tags with character preferrence, each tag they like increase score by 1, each tag they dislike decrease score by 1. The end score is compared with cap/bottom to get a final score, haven’t test score 0 and below, most likely penalty spell card region; score 1 is black comment, barely a pass; score 2 is green comment, 3 is yellow comment, 4 is red comment where bonus spell card is gonna happen.

Popular Trend

From time to time Bunbunmaru will announce a certain tag “popular” or “unpopular”. All common guests and most special guests follow trend, but there are some people who go against it.

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