20 Minutes Till Dawn – How to Obtain Pacifist Achievement with Hina

This guide will cover a build and gameplay which will help you complete the Pacifist achievement with Hina.

Guide to Obtain Pacifist Achievement with Hina

Requirements to Complete Achievement

Complete a 20:00 run with Hina without firing your weapon. Darkness rating doesn’t matter.

Character – Hina (Self Explanatory)

You’ll be using Hina’s special ability to summon a shadow clone to perform most of your damage this run. To do this, use the right mouse button while standing still.

If you use the right mouse button while moving, Hina will dash in that direction, which has a high chance of running into an enemy later on in the run.

Weapon – Grenade Launcher

Even though you won’t be firing the grenade launcher, most of your summons and your shadow clone use your weapon’s attack value for damage calculations.

Required Runes – None

While runes can make the run easier, none are required to complete the achievement. If you’re looking for the easiest run with Hina, I’d recommend the following runes. The numbers are based off the column the rune lands in.

  • Sword – 1, 3, 1, X (Power, Close Combat, Glass Cannon, Doesn’t Matter).
  • Shield – 1, 1, 1, 1 (Vigilance, Momentum, Blessing, Growth).

Required Perks

Magic Lens & Focal Point

These should be your priority perks to pick and work towards as they synergize with Hina’s shadow clone in a crazy way. When you have the base Magic Lens perk and stand near (Holy shield distance or less) the clone, it’s attack radius and damage is doubled. With the Focal Point perk, the shadow clone range is quadrupled! Considering the shadow clone is your main form of attacking during this run, this is mandatory to completing the run.

Ghost Friend & Energetic Friends

Interestingly, the ghost will eventually put out decent damage, hitting for 500-800 per bullet, but we’re really looking for the Summon Attack Speed +50% perk that drastically increases Hina’s shadow clone’s attack rate. It’s important to get this perk before 11:00 to help kill the deer boss and the following brain minion spam.

Light Weaponry & Sharpen

The dagger will pretty much one shot all enemies until the first boss, which is nice but we’re really looking for the +40% summon damage perk since it directly affects Hina’s shadow clone damage.

Power Shot & Big Shot

+35% and +45% damage to your grenade launcher damage, which directly translates to Hina’s shadow clone damage. It also affects your dagger and ghost damage, but that’s just icing on the cake!

Note: Do not take the Splinter perk! The mini-grenades the enemies will shoot off will most likely kill you! It’s not worth it.

Optional – Dragon Tree

The dragon is actually really useful but only if you manage to get it and the following perks within the first few minutes, since they’re all time based for the scaling. The keystone perk Dragon Bond is another way to boost your weapon damage by a flat value, which will scale up during the calculations for your final summon damage.

Optional – Bullet Speed Tree

Interestingly, the perks of this tree affect your summon’s bullet speeds and even your dagger movement rates. I wouldn’t prioritize this tree but if you’re not able to pick one of the above perks these will work nicely.

From here, just fill out any perk that gives either weapon damage, summon damage, summon attack speed or another summon. Since we’re not actually firing our weapon, all fire rate, reload rate and multi-shot trees are either useless or actively harmful to your summon damage.


20:00 – 15:00

This will be the most critical section of the game, where your luck in getting the 10 perks above will make or break your run. Until you get a summon perk (Ghost Friend or Light Weaponry) to passively attack for you, you’re going to have to move around while relying on your shadow clone’s attack to kill the brain minions.

Best outcome will be obtaining the Magic Lens, Ghost Friend, Energetic Friends, Light Weaponry and Sharpen at the bare minimum.

Brain Boss

This is pretty easy, just treat it like the brain minions; summon shadow clone in between it and you till it dies.

Hopefully you get the Enhanced Shadow perk, since that triples the shadow clone attack rate along with a +25% summon damage. If you don’t, it’s fine but the run will be more difficult than if you had it.

15:00 – 11:00

This is the final chance you have to fill out your perks before you get ‘gear checked’ by the deer boss. If you have them all, work towards the optional Dragon and Shot Speed perks.

Deer Boss

This is the hardest boss of the run, since you have to estimate where it’s charges will end and preemptively place your shadow clone there to hit the boss when it skids to a stop. If you’ve got the other summons already, they should deal with the minions well enough that you just need to dodge around them while focusing on the boss.

The only two tomes you want to choose from are the Tome of Power that increases your weapon damage or the Tome of Summoning which boosts the damage and attack speed of your summons. If you can’t choose either due to bad luck, Tome of Speed is an optional choice but not required.


From the deer boss, your run is basically a cakewalk. Dodge the eyeball’s red shots, gather experience drops to keep leveling up, fill out your perks and stand near your shadow clone at all other times. The bosses are much the same experience as the minions, except you need to dodge around the eye-lasers of the fourth boss. Once you’ve got all the perks, the shadow clone should be hitting for 2000+ damage, so the bosses will die pretty quickly.

A tip would be to keep your gun crosshair over Hina, since your Ghost Friend and Dragon will shoot towards the crosshair, it will trick their shots to go through the Magic Lens while also spreading the shots around you.

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