Harvest Seasons – Tutorial Guide

Some feature descreptions, ingame tips, advices and secrets.


You can hire additional workers under your City tab. Their prise increases quite fast, so you may want to buy $5 DLC to get one for free. This is not ‘must have’, yet you will boost progression alot. Also every time you start a new season you will have to start with 2 basic workers and no buildings… So +1 extra guy will help you jump right into the action, saving few hours of presious time.

Harvest Seasons - Tutorial Guide


Councilors are as much important as workers. There are six of them, one for each type of products: population, culture, science, battle, magic and coins. Those fellas are running around your settlement providing random quest which improve ammount of resources you get from every building of their type. For example, my Training Yard grants +200 battle, but thanks to Knight Councilor i have +90 boost (ending with +290). This boost also applyes to other battle buildings (barracks, blacksmith, guard tower, etc).

So how do you get them? Quite easely — just build every building from each branch… Note, not every one will grant you an extra councilor. I havent really figured it out yet, but it looks like the ones with lvl requirement of 10-20 City Hall are the ones you should aim for. I will investigate this further upon next loop to give you more precise data.

Harvest Seasons - Tutorial Guide

How to Spend Gems


There are ten idle buildings which produce resources over time. Sawmill, Farm, Hunting Lodge, Mine and Fishery are the ones giving you basic resources. While Train Station, Grand Theatre, Obervatory, Guild Hall and Witch Academy giving you products. You should try to get all available blueprints for these buildings from Construct Yard.

Harvest Seasons - Tutorial Guide

Skill Points

What about skill points? Look, one skillpoint worth 300 gems. Its a huge price, so you will be able to buy like 3 of them during first week of playing. When you upgrade your skills with each additional level skill points price increases. So, if you upgrade idle profits from 0 to 1 lvl its worth 1 skill point. And if you upgrade it again from 1 to 2 lvl its worth 2 skillpoints already.

Anything else?

Right now you can gain 25 gems daily by comleting special quest. Thats enaught to buy something from shop. I would suggest buying everything you get there unless you already playing game for a while and getting more gems from achievements is getting hard. Right now i am sitting on a pile of 900 gems and just realised that i should actually buy all blueprints daily… No point to have more cash then you can spend.


When rain starts you can see ‘speed rate++’ bonus on the right side of your screen. It will increase speed of fileds harvesting. But, the only real profit i found from it is to gather trees as fast as you can. They are the only resource which can benefit from speed bonus greatly thanks to high basic collection speed. It will also help if you will improve that speed under upgrades tab.

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