Onmyoji – Beginners Guide

Setting up and Chapter #1

When you first load up the game it will ask if you have played the game before allowing you to choose either android or ios systems. you can bind your account allowing you have the same account on your phone. you can alternatively use the system you don’t own/have as a second ‘save’ for the game.

Once you’ve chosen your ‘save slot’ you will begin a conversation with Kohaku. (Note: conversations can’t be paused. but there is a way to ‘replay’ the chapter after it is finished at the tree in the courtyard.)after which you will proceed in your first battle. Kohaku explains things pretty well but in case you missed something here ya go.

Battle Basics

The bar on the right side is the move indicator. there are two modes it can switch back and forth from by clicking on it. the first is the slider called the Progress Mode, which shows the relative speed between characters. the second is Rank Mode, it shows the order of movements each character will make allowing you to plan ahead. the Progress Mode in my honest opinion should not be used till you have a Shikigami that has a speed skill of some sort.

Kohaku then explains that the bottom right bubbles are your skills the number on the bottom of the bubble is how much orbs it costs to use the skill. Omniyoji always have 0 cost skills but a few of them such as Spell: Protect have a cooldown. the amount of rounds a character has till it can use that skill again is shown in the middle an it is dull in color.

After a battle is won you will get a little fanfare and the exp of the Participants of the battle will show up. after that the loot will pop out of a red durama.

You’ll be treated to your first cutscene afterwards. You find out that Kagura isn’t just a pretty little girl after this cut with Inugami you will then have access to your courtyard.

Summoning Shikigami

After the battle Kohaku suggests for you to summon some help using the most common way to summon. the mystery Amulet. for the first one you draw a star (or honestly anything really) after which Mio your first Shikigami will appear. after Mio’s graceful entrance *cough* sleepy head *cough* Kohaku suggests you summon using Jade the red and gray comma stones and the in-game currency. (there’s another jade, but its used for shop stuff only) Jade Shikigami typically start out as 3 rank as well so it’s dependant on personal preference if you want to use jade or mystery amulets. (in the mall there is a pack of 11 mystery amulets for 1k jade… so you can get more if you save your jade) after summoning Yuki Onna you then are prompted to summon using the broken amulet. does not require you to draw anything just clicking on the gray amulets that appear on screen. the game dosent give you any AR amulets right off the bat so no need to worry about that.


This is where you will get to spend half of your time in this game. fortunately it’s a pretty scene. there’s not much to do at the moment there is a single quest from Kohaku to add a friend. but it’s pretty hard to talk since they dont allow you to do so till lvl 6. you can access your mail and gain the items you bought from steam as well as the [Get to Know Wiki] sudo mission. it gains you 10k coins and two ticket types i’ll explain later on. you may see messages appear at the top of the screen as your playing. it’s the messages from other players either in world chat. or notices about different dungeons and other things that you can join in on. i suggest going further in the story before joining in as your not able to do some of the fundamental things that will help you on your journey.

Forest Inquary

Clicking on Inugami will continue the story. if you feel there is a reason to leave. you can click the return button on the very top left side of the screen. it will take you back to the courtyard. however do be careful as there are times the game will glitch and you will see characters appear in different spots or even double’s so it is best to try and finish a story once its been started. if you do encounter a Spirit that’s too powerful on your journey. or you feel your not yet ready to fight again you can back out and try to become stronger. however for first timers you must just face your fear and fight the Green Imp x3 Kohaku will briefly explain about aoe skill of yuki Onna and how it costs orbs.

After the battle kohaku will prompt you to use Vision. it’s an ability that’s a part of the plot allowing you to see in the spirit world you’ll see Grave Diggers (aka Ghosts) and a particular Spirit that will be showing up constantly. the game will prompt you to adjust the view by sliding the screen around to get a better view since you are surrounding the enemy. Inugami joins your Mio and yuki Onna for this fight as well.

After talking and getting a cutscene your first chapter is finally done and the rest of the features are now unlocked. And now that you’ve unlocked the chapter i fully suggest if you haven’t found it already to click on the ‘comments’ section in the cut scenes to see other peoples reactions and comments to the scene or even make some of your own. Be warned some can contain spoilers so read at your own risk.

Scroll Bar

You now should have a few more quests available at Kohaku as well as a scroll on the bottom of your screen there’s one icon missing (guild) but you’ll be able to get that soon. While your looking at the scroll you’ll notice you have red orbs over a few of them. It means that there’s something new for you to look at. Go ahead and go to Quests and you’ll see you have some daily quests to complete as well as achievements. You’ll gain Inugami after completing the previous chapter so complete it and then see what others you can do. Don’t worry some will just take awhile to do but you have time and Kohaku at your side. Speaking of which…

Kohaku has a quest for you to (if you haven’t done it yet) to make a friend, defeat an exploration zone. And equip a Shikigami with a Soul. go into Shikigami and at the right side of the screen drag details to the left to open information and different tabs for the Shikigami. You can also click on the gold ‘flower’ to go directly to souls.

There’s two sorting’s you can have with souls. By type which will only show you souls of the type your trying to make a set of. Or by slot. Since we only have the one soul for now equip it. The buttons on the right allow you to get rid of souls for money (don’t do it you’ll want them all for now!) and a sorting feature. (which in all honesty i haven’t touched) most screens will have a short video that you can watch to understand the mechanic better. But it isn’t supported on steam version just yet. You can however click on any ? and get an explanation in more detail about something.

Go ahead and claim the quest. You’ll then get the prompt to summon Kyuumei Neko using the shards you got. On the bottom left of the Shikigami screen there’s a toggle with a bunny and a shadow. If you click on it you’ll see all the shards you own. You gained enough shards to summon her directly without have to collect more. Shards are going to be your guaranteed way of getting the Shikigami you want. The issue is you need lots of them. But fortunately there’s plenty of ways to gain them.

Exploration, Chapter #2 and Soul Zones

Before we get too crazy your probibly noticing something abover your Paper dolls head. clicking on them will obtain whatever daily item that’s pending for you. you gain AP or ‘sushi’ at certain times as well as your daily lucky fortune draw which can be totaly random. one of the things to note though is if you dont plan on using your exp, gold, evo or any other buff item, you will want to click the Bonus lanturn at the top of your screen to Pause the buff. that way you can save it for when you are intending to use it. dont worry too much about Evo and Orochi zones as you can’t access them just yet.

Clicking on the wooden Explore will take you to the map where for at least now you only have chapter one unlocked. Go ahead and click explore and you’ll have one of the characters comment when entering and you’ll see different Spirits sitting or walking about. With some kind of icon floating around them. Each will gain you more of an item depending on if its a coin, scroll or durama. You can leave the area without worrying about using up your sushi as you only spend it when you click on a Spirit. So if you don’t see a good proportion to what your wanting you can exit and go back to see if you get a better mix. The boss of the map will appear however after you’ve defeated a few or all the Spirits on the map. Now… the quests will tell you to take part in the demon parade. However, it is much easier… or should i say it is more beneficial to wait till your lvl 10 to invite a friend to help you out in throwing beans. It also helps the friend out in gaining shards as well so it’s a win win as you both get something for it. The more of a Bond you have the better chances they will throw beans at what you throw at.

Chapter #2

You’ll notice Shiro Mujou standing and waiting for you to get to lvl 3 they’ve come to you to get some help with someone who needed to get escorted to the afterlife. you’ll fight a green imp after inugami starts barking the next fight will be against zashiki where shiro mujo and kuro mujo will join in and help you fight. after things go wrong for zashiki you’ll go against a blue imp. prepare for tissues after the fight. after this chapter is unlocked you will have access to a place your probibly going to spend quite a bit of time at. the soul zones dont forget to go through a round of exploration so you can obtain Zashiki. she will be very valuable latter on in the game so best to understand her now.

Soul Zones

souls zone’s are baised off of teir with stage one being the easyest to defeat and there are two modes of it. a solo mode where you can challange Orochi with your own shikigami or a team mode. where you either join or recruit other omnijoji to help defeat the stage. you can only join teams for stages you have personaly unlocked in challange. meaning that you have at least beaten the previous stage by yourself. each stage is 3 rounds with diffrent spirits in each. i’ll go through with my own stratagy i had for the first stage as an example.

  • Round 1: blue imp, Mio (E), and yellow imp – i’m useing (E) to designate that its an evolved form of the Shikigami typicaly meaning that its skills are upgraded or changed from the base, as well as having a diffrent skin.

Since both imps have buffs its best to take them out first, blue being a speed-up is more important if you have slow shikigami’s you will start out with three orbs so its best to look at your lineup and see which of your shikigami would best utilize them before an attack or after an attack.

  • Round 2: Nurikabe, Yamawaro, and hitotsume 

These three can be a bit of a pain. the first one is a tank type while Yamawaro and Hitotsume hthemselves are tankie but has a daze affect chance on both their attacks. sealing the one on the right would be the best tactic as he has the higher daze chance but will drag the fight because of the def buff from the other character. depending on how many orbs you have from the previous round (yes they carry over rounds so plan that too) you may wanna just bumbard them.

  • Round 3: Red imp, and Orochi 

This is the boss round, and you can always tell what the boss round is because it will have this on the top of the screen.

This is a true boss fight and of course the epic music helps with that feeling as well. as you can see there is skills at the top of the bar as well as an orb count. letting you know what skills you ‘could’ expect from the boss if you click on the skills you’ll get a drop down explaining what the skill does and its effects. the thing you will probilby have to worry about the most is the status effects as if your shikigami is continuealy dazed then death will soon follow. just take out the two imps first and then hit him as hard as you can. keep in mind as well that you can’t affect him with a status effect yourself.

Chapter #3 and Evolution

Kuro mujo is once again waiting for you and this time he wants you to go to the phenix forest to check out the nether force thats comeing from it. your first fight will be with a yellow imp if you did stage 1 of soul zone you know how to deal with him beat him up! after poor kohaku needs saving you then are challanged by Hououga samuri X might be a bit off an issue as he’s a tank and will taunt your Shikigami to attacking him so you may wanna deal with him first (and no its not kenshin) after Hououga is beaten she asks a favor from Seimei where you will meet Yao Bikuni after some disscussion on whats happening at the shrine you’ll have to fight Parasite and then the Pheonix. becareful of its AOE skill at 3 orbs as it can slow your shikigami

After the chapter is compleated you will then have the ability to have your Onmyoji being switched to Kagura each Onmyoji has their own skills and by this time you probily have a good feel for seimei so you may not wanna switch. however Kagura starts off with two very powerful skills Summon: Fish and Channel: Storm. Fish has a cooldown of 3 but its an extra unit on the battleground that’s an AOE, and Storm allows for a shikigami thats targeted to instantly have another move, so its best to either have a unit that just moved, or a shikigami that has a skill you need to use right away. both making Kagura a good onmyoji.


This chapter unlocks a VERY important factor of the game the ability to evolve your Shikigami into a more powerful version of itself and unlocking diffrent skins. evolutions will require two diffrent elements and either a first and second teir or second and third. N quality Shikigami can not evolve. The game automaticly gives you enough materials to evolve Yuki Onna which will unlock her Ice Buffer skill which will give her a 6% of her max HP as a sheild at the end of her turn. considering it uses third teir materials if you have been prefering another Shikigami to her use them on another or save it for latter on when you can pick from more Shikigami. if you do decide to evolve Yuki Onna then you will also unseal her first biography gaining you 5k in coins. you can click on the bottom right of the page thats unlocked to go into a ‘reading room’ and have a reading of the Bio page from the VA.

Evolution Zone

Ok back to the place where you actualy obtain the materials for this. just as the soul zone had a boss this too has one. however you don’t have several waves of diffrent creatures to fight through, its just the boss Kirin and 5 sprites. the typical tactic is to get rid of the little guys first as the more there are the more they will hurt. and then focus on the boss. just like with orichi though the boss is imune to status the little guys aren’t so you can easily use skills like Yuki Onna’s blizzard to freaze them for a turn. after defeating it in solo mode you will once again unlock another stage

One of the common tactics that poeple will do is to form teams to quickly and effeciently clear the stage if its a group of two the ‘host’ will have two shikigami and its Onmyoji and the guest will have three. if its with three people the host will be the onmyoji and a single Shikigami and the two guests will have two shikigami’s. so depending on the teams tactics things may change typicaly its up to the host to provide the dps but if your shikigami is a lower level you can provide support with using Zashiki or a support like Yamausagi

If after your efforts you dont obtain enough of the higher teir items you can convert 8 of the lower teir to the second and 8 of the second to the third. higher stages will have more of a chance at droping materials but only at stage 4 do you have a chance at getting third teir materials.

Chapter #4 and Totem’s

After seeing Kuro mujo you learn that a bridge has been broken from excess water and more neither force gathering in a place that was previously sealed your sent in the rain to investigate you’ll once again fight against the kitty Kyuumei Neko. she’ll run away after defeating her and Jikikaeru shows up just dont lose this fight unless you like cleaning ink spots Gerro! after easily beating him he casts a bubble over the group and out of the rain. you’ll then get into a fight with Ame Onna once again get your tissues out as your heartstring will be tugged a bit after all the diolouge you’ll finaly have access to the Omniyoji’s version of souls or at least you’ll be able to finaly use up any exess souls that are sitting around.


Now there’s a reason why i had said earlyer that you would need all the exess souls. Just as Shikigami’s can get stronger by equiping soul’s your Onmyoji can also get stronger Status by feeding their Totem. in the beginning before you get too much of a stock i would sugest holding off on feeding your totem or upgrading your soul’s untill you manage to get enough souls to fully equip your main team of Shikigami with 2 or 3 teir souls and to only feed Teir one after you’ve obtained quite a bit of them or your close to leveling from the previous time.

You may have noticed Onmyoji’s have skills that can be obtained from achivements as well. but they can also get skills by feeding soul’s to their totem. every 5 level’s the Totem gains the Onmyoji gains a new level in a skill or acess a new skill that they can use. its recomended to Spar with a freind or go out and fight with these new skills and see how the battles may change for you and your Shikigami as one of the things that can level is the basic attack it is worth going after achivements if possible and then feeding your totem when you need that little bit of oumph in a chapter.

Another small thing to note. is after this chapter you’ll be able to have spectator Shikigami. your own little cheerleading squad. they will not have any influence on the battle at all but they will get half exp that your other Shikigami do making it a safe way to level up your low level Shikigami as well as to help the other two shikigami you use keep up at least slightly to your leveling.

Chapter #5 and Realms

Once again the boys are back but this time rather than asking for help they’re here to issue a warning. it seems that there has been a Spirit thats been killing women for their hair, Kagura just went out somewhere and Seimei gets worryed. you’ll soon run into Heromasa who’s currently fighting against the reported demon that’s eating hair and he wants to fight you instead. after the fight Kagura is found as the guard ran off scared. the group atempt to find kamikui and end up having to fight a lanturn.just becareful as its orb attack will incresse the crit of itself and other Spirits. after the lanturn’s defeat you will soon catch up to Kamikui and fight him. enjoy the…. admiration and you will complete chapter 5.


By now you have hopefuly found a guild there are quite a few things you can’t do unless your part of one. the function of Realms is to store excessive ap, and exp from over leveling your shikigami. It is also your main way of leveling Fodder by using promotion. place the 6 shikigami you want to gain the exp. you do have to have a Realm card in however to gain exp. there are several diffrent Cards some for Gold, Jade, Ap, and even items. This will become one of your main ways of leveling your main team or fodder as the exp you gain is by time rather than by using ap. you can also entrust one of your Shikigami to stay over at freinds realm and gain the benifits from their realm card. even if your freind dosent have a realm card that shikigami will still gain exp. they stay for 6 hours so at times it best to look at your freinds card and see how much longer its good for before placing.

There are Three ways to gain a realm card. the first and most common is to do the daily quest to donate a shikigami shard to a fellow guild member. once a day you can wish for a certain shard type to be donated to you by the guild. and you can donate to people to compleate this quest for a realm card. the second takes some coroperation with a freind. either you or your freind do a bond pack which costs 30 jade. the bond pack requires you to compleate 10 team activitys together you can only buy two per day. the third and most profitable way is by Realm Raid.

Realm Raid

By lvl 10 you should unlock the ability to Raid other Omnyoji’s realms. now this sounds truely harsh but nothing is actualy stolen from them and neither are the Shikigami hurt. in fact if they end up defeating enough people they will get defence awards. this is one of the PVP aspects of the game. it however is PVP against the auto mode. for actual PVP you must wait for Duels to be unlocked at level 15. This will however give you valuable items such as jade mystery amulets and AP. so if you get a ticket its best to spend them ASAP. there’s a progress bar on the bottom of the realm raid interface that shows your progress and you will get rewards at 3, 6, and all 9 realms being defeated. if you are unable to defeat all 9 realms you can refresh the screen resetting your progress. its however benificial to defeat all 9 as in total you will get 15 jade just from the progress alone. its also a good way of gaining more AP as its one of the rewards you will get. the other reward you get alongside the jade is Metal’s these are the currency you need to upgrade your realms exp and ap gathering. as well as if you collect enough of them you can get a teir6 random soul from the general shop.

Chapter #6-8

Kagura hasent been feeling well as she’s been having some pretty awful nightmares, she’s become pretty weak and seimei is conserned about her. Yao Bikuni offers to peak into her dream and see what is admist. after running into kyuumei….. again… and defeating her…. again… Chocho will help you get out of the dream nexus and leads you to the lair of kodokushi you will automaticly go into battle with him and 3 grave diggers so be prepared. Kodokushi has an attack that will infect your shikigami, which if they die with the mark on them they will be possesed and start attacking you instead. Hiromasa says that he will join you but you can’t select him as an Onmyoji just yet.

Chapter #7

You’ll be visited by Kappa a Spirit that has a feeling that a bad man is hanging around his pond. Kuro and Shiro will arive saying that the man that was discribed fits the discription of a suspect that was targeting beautiful girls and they go to visit the pond to see for themselves. you’ll see that he does act strange and will battle Youko. just becareful about dragging the battle for too long as each attack youko does will bring his attack higher. there’s also a momo which will revive dead spirits at 3 orbs. after the battle it’ll be explained that Youko was teaching a ‘dance’ to some fish and its leaked that kappa likes koi a goldfish spirit alot. but feels like he can’t show his face at the pond again so leaves. the crew decide to ask koi about her feelings about kappa but find that she’s gone missing. Yao helps in finding her and they then fight again. 2 rounds this time and as the same as the last becareful on the second round of making it last too long or you might be in trouble. after the battle koi is still in trouble but a little watery prince comes to rescue her and is encuraged to express his feelings.

After this chapter is compleate you’ll then be able to have hiromasa as an onmyoji.

Chapter #8

Sakura will come by acusing Seimei of killing her husband enraged she’ll attack right away. as she is a healer its best to try and knock her out right away or focus your attacks on one spirit at a time. she in particular can revive spirits at 3 orbs as well. after you knock her out yao volinteers to look after her while the group checks out cherry forest. there they meet the spirit of Tadayoshi who has lost all his memories of the acident kagura reasures him as both she and Seimei have lost their memories as well. the negitivity of the area is so great that the trees themselves are affected and a ‘crazy spirit’ aka a Yamawaro [E] he does have the ability to stun so just be aware. after the fight you stumble across Momo who remembers some of what had happend when the forest changed and the first mention of the Black Onmyoji. Sakura escaped from Yao and you have to fight again. after the fight Seimei will cause her to go back to a tree form to prevent her from destoying herself. if you’ve put those tissues away, bring them back.

For now, this is the end of the walkthrough portion of the guide as i feel that this is enough information to start out the game and it has explained most of what goes on as you unlock chapters. next few sections will expand on a few things that have either not been unlocked because of chapters, or is unlocked with levels.



One of the good things in this game is that it encurages you to make freinds, for many reasons. as you fight in a team, you get a bonus. if a freind is with you in that team, you get another bonus. if a Buddy is in a team yet another bonus including the freindship bonus.

Now you may be wondering how do i make a buddy. well, it takes time for the most part. every day you can send out ‘freindship’ to one of your freinds and recive freindship back this incresses your bond with that person. however you can only send out 10 freindship each day out of the 80 freinds that you can have. so its probibly best to remember which freinds you truely want to befreind. if you stop being freinds either by you or they un-freinding you you’ll loose all of the bond that you’ve accumulated to that point.

You can also get more Bond by donating shards that they need, giving them a like. taking them into the Demon Parade where the higher the bond you have the better you’ll do anyways. having them in a team will slowly incresse the bond as well.

The fastest way is to use freind bags. there are two types. the first one costs 30 jade and requires you to do 10 co-op things together. the reward is worth it though. as if you do all 10 before the reset you’ll gain Coins, a Reverse Scale, and a Lightning Drum Realm Card. it has the chance to give you a Ryomen, Kamaitachi, Kiyohime, Kyonshi Ani, Kyonshi Imoto, Kyonshi Ototo, yellow imp and lantern Soul shards once every hour for 4 hours. thats a potential SSR shard! and those three items are a guarantee. you have a chance of getting black durama shards, mystery amulets, upgrade durama and more.

The second one costs S-Jade this is only obtained through real money. it costs 6 and it gives you as the giver 30 Jade while the reciver gets a chance at getting diffrent items. it gives the biggest boost. but as its only obtainable with S-jade its not recomended unless ya wanna spend the cash.

Co-op Buddy feature

The benifit of going through all of this is not just a bonus when playing with your freind. there’s another one too. borrowing your freinds Shikigami! under the last option in freinds is the co-op where you can set a shikigami for your freinds to borrow as well as set up to 3 of your freinds shikigami for you to borrow as well. the loned shikigami can be used in story mode and anything else with a small flower icon in the cornner. if you team up with your freind you can even have two of that same shikigami on the instance as your ‘borrowed’ one is considered its own type.

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