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Far Cry 5 - Mission List

Written by Sylverlyf   /   Mar 30, 2018    
Far Cry 5 - Mission List

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For the Completionist

Just a consolidated checklist of missions and stuff per region.

Dutch's Islands Story

  • Story Mission: A Glimmer of Hope 
  • Story Mission: The Resistance 
  • Story Mission: Guns for Hire 


  • Dutch's PS: Sunken Funds

Holland Valleys Story

  • Side Mission: Bear Necessities 
  • Side Mission: Close Encounters
  • Side Mission: Cow Punching 
  • Side Mission: Exodus 
  • Side Mission: Golden Age Nostalgia 
  • Side Mission: No Means No 
  • Side Mission: Out of This World 
  • Side Mission: Patriot Acts 
  • Side Mission: Praire Oyster Harvest 
  • Side Mission: Stunt Activity–Baptism of Fire 
  • Side Mission: Stunt Activity–Spray and Pray 
  • Side Mission: Testy Festy 
  • Side Mission: The Cleansing 
  • Side Mission: The Hero’s Journey 
  • Side Mission: The Judge Moose 
  • Side Mission: Uncrate 
  • Side Mission: Valley Armed Convoy 
  • Side Mission: Water Works 
  • Side Mission: What They Carried 
  • Story Mission: Air Raid 
  • Story Mission: Blowing Their Mine 
  • Story Mission: Death Wish 
  • Story Mission: Free Larry 
  • Story Mission: Good Samaritan 
  • Story Mission: Grace Under Fire 
  • Story Mission: Hit the Gas 
  • Story Mission: Jumping Ship 
  • Story Mission: Liberate Fall’s End 
  • Story Mission: Light ‘Em Up 
  • Story Mission: Man’s Best Friend 
  • Story Mission: Razing the Steaks 
  • Story Mission: Special Delivery 
  • Story Mission: The Atonement 
  • Story Mission: The Confession 
  • Story Mission: The Quality of Mercy 
  • Story Mission: The Revelator 
  • Story Mission: The Scattered Flock 
  • Story Mission: The Widowmaker 
  • Story Mission: Wingman 
  • Story Mission: Wrath 


  • John’s PS: Swingers 
  • John’s PS: High Tension 
  • John’s PS: DIY and DOA 
  • John’s PS: Dumpster Diving 
  • John’s PS: Vespiary 
  • John’s PS: Long Range Lockpick 
  • John’s PS: Foxhole 
  • John’s PS: Playing With Fire 
  • John’s PS: Deep Dive 
  • John’s PS: Man Cave 
  • John’s PS: Fire in the Hole
  • John’s PS: O’Hara’s Haunted House

Whitetail Mountain Story

  • Story Mission: Liberate Baron Lumber Mill 
  • Side Mission: Static Frequency 
  • Stunt Activity: Quadzilla 
  • Side Mission: Shooting Gallery 
  • Side Mission: Nature Provides 
  • Story Mission: A Right to Bear Arms 
  • Side Mission: Flavor Country 
  • Side Mission: Grill Streak 
  • Story Mission: A Dish Served Cold 
  • Side Mission: Welcome Party 
  • Story Mission: The Prodigal Son 
  • Story Mission: Make Hope Great Again 
  • Story Mission: Dinner Time 
  • Stunt Activity: The Mooseknuckle Run 
  • Stunt Activity: The Lord of the Wings 
  • Story Mission: Missing in Action 
  • Story Mission: Get Free 
  • Story Mission: Search and Rescue 
  • Story Mission: Radio Silence 
  • Story Mission: Eviction Notice 
  • Side Mission: Call of the Wild 
  • Story Mission: Gearing Up 
  • Side Mission: Turn the Tables 
  • Side Mission: Grand Slam 
  • Side Mission: Tools of the Trade 
  • Side Mission: Gone Fishin’ 
  • Side Mission: The Admiral 
  • Side Mission: Mint Condition 
  • Side Mission: Mountain Armed Convoy 
  • Story Mission: The World is Weak 
  • Story Mission: We Must Be Strong 
  • Story Mission: Sacrifice the Weak 
  • Story Mission: Only You 
  • Story Mission: Casualties of War


  • Jacob's PS: The Holdouts
  • Jacob's PS: Salvage Rites
  • Jacob's PS: Mayday
  • Jacob's PS: Cliffhanger
  • Jacob's PS: Hangar Pains
  • Jacob's PS: Gone Squatchin
  • Jacob's PS: Unwelcome Guest

Henbane River Missions

  • Story Mission: Liberate Hope County Jail 
  • Story Mission: Clean Water Act 
  • Story Mission: Here Kitty, Kitty 
  • Side Mission: Whiskey River 
  • Story Mission: Friendly Skies 
  • Story Mission: Eco-Warriors 
  • Side Mission: Ragnar the Terrible 
  • Stunt Activity: Godspeed 
  • Story Mission: Doctor’s Orders 
  • Side Mission: Broken Path 
  • Side Mission: The Judge Cougar 
  • Story Mission: Burn, Baby, Burn 
  • Side Mission: The Judge Bear 
  • Side Mission: Quiet on the Set 
  • Side Mission: Blood Dragon 3 
  • Stunt Activity: Old Glory Holes 
  • Story Mission: Salvation 
  • Story Mission: Serve and Protect 
  • Story Mission: Sins of the Father 
  • Story Mission: War on Drugs 
  • Story Mission: False Prophet 
  • Side Mission: False Idols 
  • Story Mission: Clinical Study 
  • Side Mission: Refuel 
  • Side Mission: Fast 
  • Side Mission: Our Better Angels 
  • Side Mission: Furious 
  • Stunt Activity: Descente Dans la Folie 
  • Side Mission: River Armed Convoy 
  • Story Mission: A Leap of Faith 
  • Story Mission: The Bliss 
  • Story Mission: Ignorance is Bliss 
  • Story Mission: The Lesson 
  • Story Mission: Paradise Lost 
  • Story Mission: Walk the Path 


  • Faith’s PS: Shipwreck 
  • Faith’s PS: Pooper Scooper 
  • Faith’s PS: Animal Control 
  • Faith’s PS: Overwatch 
  • Faith’s PS: Dead Man’s Treasure 
  • Faith’s PS: The Angel’s Grave 
  • Faith’s PS: Side Effects 
  • Faith’s PS: Getaway

Written by Sylverlyf.

Game:   Far Cry 5