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I Hate Running Backwards - How to Beat the Lava Golem Boss

Written by Roy O'Bannon   /   May 22, 2018    
I Hate Running Backwards - How to Beat the Lava Golem Boss

Tips on effectively battling against the third boss, Lava Golem.

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How to Kill the Lava Golem

The battle against Lava Golem will be a test of the player's movement skills, as dodging its projectiles is almost certainly a very tough challenge for every newcomer to the game.

Lava Golem has a very high resistance against all forms of damage. This resistance can be negated by freezing Lava Golem. This can be done in two ways: one is to use the ice-coloured cannons with a frost icon above them, which frequently appear during the boss. Wait for the cannon to line up with Lava Golem, then use the hammer attack next to it. The other option is to use the frost-based special weapons: namely the Frost Grenade, Frost Rifle and Re-Frigerator. Enough damage from these weapons will also put the Lava Golem in its "frozen" state. Once in that state, Lava Golem will lose all his resistances and take full damage from all sources.

The best strategy against the Lava Golem is to constantly stay on the move and in the opposite direction of where it is aiming. This way it will become very hard for Lava Golem to effectively land his hits. Never attack Lava Golem during his standard state, as this is generally considered a massive waste of ammo. Wait until there is an opportunity to set him towards the frozen state, move in front of it and then blast away both primary and special weapons at once to maximize the damage dealt.

Do not use flammenwerfer against lava golem - this will heal him!

Here is a video guide on how to handle him. Take notes of the Fire Boulder Throw and the Firewall patterns - once you do that, you will have no issues moving around and doing damage to the boss.

Written by Roy O'Bannon.