Ancestors Legacy – 100% Achievement Guide

This guide provides you help for obtaining all available achievements.


Ancestors Legacy has currently a total of 37 Achivements, seven of them are hidden/secret.

You can unlock all of them in singleplayer so there is no need to play online. Nevertheless it is possibe to unlock some of them in online multiplayer if you want to.

There are no known bugged achievements so its possible to complete the game 100%. Most of the achievemtents are quite easy to obtain, you just need to know how. This is why i made this guide. Now have fun hunting achievements and playing this awesome game!

Campaign Achievements

These achievements are unlocked by finishing the different chapters of the campaign.

The first Viking campaign as Ulf Ironbeard is also the tutorial for this game. You can already get almost half of all available achievements for this game during this campaign. It consists of five chapters where you slowly learn the mechanics of the game.

Off the Course

Complete the basic training mission

Finish the first chapter.

Rebuilding Forces

Complete the squad training mission

Finish the second chapter.

Unexpected Allies

Complete the economy training mission

Finish the third chapter.

The Last Impediment

Complete the base building training mission

Finish the firth chapter.

Lindisfarne Riches

Complete Ulf Ironbeard’s campaign

This one is rewarded for finishing the fith and last mission of Ulf’s campaign. You need to raid the monastery of Lindisfarme.

Rurik’s Reign

Complete Rurik’s campaign

In the second campaign with the Vikings you are playing Rurik. There is only one storyrelated achivement that will be awarded if you finished the last chapter of Ruriks campaign.

Edward and Godwin

Complete Edward’s campaign

Finish the last mission of Edward’s campaign.

Harold’s Guerilla Warriors

Complete Harold’s campaign

Finish the last mission of Harold’s campaign. This is the second campaign of the Anglo-Saxons.

Rudolf of Habsburg

Complete Rudolf’s campaign

Finish the last mission Rudolf’s campaign.


Complete Mieszko’s campaign

Finish the last mission of Mieszko’s campaign.

General Achievements

All of these achievements are possible to unlock in campaign or in skirmish mode. Many of them you’ll unlock simply by playing the campaign without extra effort. If there is a special mission where it’s easy to get i’ll note it.

It’s a… trap.

Make an enemy trigger a trap you built

Where: Second mission of Ulf Ironbeard’s campaign.
You have to set up a trap during the turorial anyway and will be rewarded with the achievement.

It’s a TRAP!

Detect and destroy five enemy traps

Where: Third mission of Ulf Ironbeard’s campaign.
Here you will learn how to detect and destroy enemy traps. Simply enable the defensive mode (Hotkey Y) and enemy traps are visible. The right click on it to attack it. In this mission there are two enemy traps so you either replay it till you got the achievement or you keep on playing campaign/skirmish matches until you found another three traps.


Raise the defense level of your village

Where: Fourth mission of Ulf Ironbeard’s campaign.
You will obtain control of a village for the first time in this mission. You can raise the defense of your village by clicking on the icon on bottom left. You only need to have enough resources for the upgrade.


Raise the alarm in your village

Where: Fourth mission of Ulf Ironbeards campaign.
If you conquered a village, simply click on the alarm/bell icon in the village-menu and you’re peasants will quit working and run to the center to defend the village. Afterwards, just click on it again and they will continue working and producing resources.


Defeat an entire enemy squad with ranged attacks only

Where: Any mission or skirmish.
Build at least two archer squads, attack an enemy squad and avoid any melee attacks with either your other troops or the archers themselves.


Raise a squad’s armor to its maximum level

Where: Any mission or skirmish.
If you have enough iron stored you can upgrade your troops in the control panel by clicking on the corresponding icon. Lvl. 3 is the maximum.

Lost Ones

Replenish a squad ten times

Where: Any mission or skirmish.
If a squad is losing soldiers, retreat back to your base or to a village. There you can replenish your squad. You’ll get this anyway by the time.

Squad Proficiency

Specialize ten squads

Where: Any mission or skirmish.
Your squads gain experience by fighting and killing enemies. If they rank up, you’ll be noted. Now you can specialize your squad with three different traits. It’s doesn’t matter which on you choose.

Time to Work

Send peasants to work at a resource point 50 times

Where: Any mission or skirmish.
When conquering a village your first step should be upgrading it’s resources. Doing this will send your villains to it’s mines and fields for work.

Through Defenses

Destroy a village with Gold defense

Where: Second mission of the second campaign as Vikings.
A village with gold defense has better defense (obviously). In this mission you can find a village on bottom right. Destroy the town hall, capture it and the achievement will be yours.

Elite Unit

Reach maximum level with any squad

Where: Any mission or skirmish.
Keep your units alive and fight. By killing enemies they will gain experience. The maximum lvl is 5. It shouldn’t be hard to reach this in a long mission.

Squad Veterancy

Unlock a veterancy ten times

Where: Any mission or skirmish.
By leveling up your troops unlock a veterancy. Repeating this ten times will happen automatically during your playthrough.

War Machine

Destroy any building with a siege machine

Where: Fith mission of Ulf Ironbeard’s campaign.
In this mission you will have the chance to build a siege machine for the first time. After you destroyed the wall in the mission (which doesn’t count) simply aim on any other building nearby.

War Veteran

Defeat each type of unit in the game at least once

Where: Any mission or skirmish.
The easiest way to track your progress is if you play multiplayer/skirmish vs every available faction.

Commander Veteran

Recruit each type of unit in the game at least once

Where: Any mission or skirmish.
You can either play shirmish/multiplayer with every avaiable faction or you play every campaign and build all available units.

Multiplayer / Skirmish Achievements

All these following achievements can be obtained either offline in skirmishes against the AI or in multiplayer online matches:


Start a match in Multiplayer or against AI


Win a match in Multiplayer or against AI

Fallen Warrior

Lose a match in Multiplayer or against AI

Those three are pretty obvious and easy to achieve so i guess there’s no further description required.


Win a Multiplayer match or AI Skirmish in less than 8 minutes.

Find a partner to boost this online or try your luck against (easy) AI. I’ll add further description if i found the best easy way to do this.

Uber Micro

Win a match against an AI on Insane difficulty

This will be the hardest multiplayer achievement. I’ll test if its possible in team fights, which might be easier.

Hidden Achievements

Ancestors Legacy has 7 hidded achievements. They are usually rewarded for some extra-effort in some of the campaign missions. I listed all of them here but since i haven’t unlock every single one i will add further description as soon i got them. By now you can at least see the description which might help you as well.

A Ship That Doesn’t Sink

Help at least 8 drakkars survive the siege before Lindisfarne (Secret)

Where: In the fourth mission of Ulf Ironbeard’s campaign.
After capturing the final village your ally will apear. He’s got a fleet of 12 ships and you need to make sure at least 8 of them survive. Be fast and destroy the catapults before they sink the ships.

All for Rurik

Capture and hold all villages at Izborsk (Secret)

I guess you will need to cap all villages in a mission of Rurik’s campaign.

Vienna’s Finest Armor

Pick up all armors scattered behind Vienna’s walls (Secret)

Sounds like you have to collect some armor pieces in a mission of Rudolf’s campaign.

Edward Needs Those

Deliver 5 or more catapults before night-time at Wells (Secret)

You need to produce five catapults before the night comes in Edward’s campaign. This means you need to collect enough resources and build a blacksmith to research catapults as fast as possible.

Under Mieszko’s Banner

Capture the village of Kopytko (Secret)

This one is rewarded for capturing the village Kopytko in Mieszko’s campaign.


Kill 2000 peasants (Secret)

You need to kill a total of 2000 peasants. One of the Devs stated any peasant on the map that gets killed counts towards this.
Where can I find a large number of peasants? Peasants in enemy base (standing near buildings, extinguishing buildings, reapairng/building) also count to this achievment.

Dunstan’s Revenge

Kill Harald in less than 5 minutes at Stamford Bridge (Secret)

Be fast and kill Harald within 5 minutes. I’ll add further description if i found the best way to do it.

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