Wizard of Legend – Boss Guide / How to Fight the Bosses

A small explanation to the general boss mechanics…


When you encounter the bosses for the first time their attacks may seem very strong and fast but when you understand how the bosses behave the fights will be a lot easier.

General Boss Strategy

TLDR: Dodge their attacks, wait for an opening and attack, repeat.

While they are doing there attacks you should focus on dodging them.
The bosses will always do X* attacks in row and then they won’t do anything for a few seconds.
In these few seconds you can attack them and as soon as any attack hits them they get stunned for a few seconds and you can do more damage to them.
Then they will start attacking again and you should focus on dodging again.

If you are a little bit more advanced and you know which attacks they are going to use and how you can dodge them you can use attacks to damage them while they are doing there attacks and you are at a safe position. (Doing more than 1 attack in between there attacks is risky).

* – The amount of attacks a boss will do in a row depends on the stage (see below).

Elemental Bosses

You encounter the three elemental bosses on stage 1.3, 2.3 and 3.3.

The specific boss order does not matter that much it is much more important to know which stage you are currently fighting on.

Regardless of the element of the boss on…

  • stage 1.3 he will do 3 attacks in a row till you can safely fight back.
  • stage 2.3 he will do 4 attacks in a row.
  • stage 3.3 he will do 5 attacks in a row.

The speed of the boss fights will increase from 1.3 to 3.3 a lot, so prepare to dodge faster.

After they have done their attacks you can attack them to stun them and do your attacks for a few seconds.
If you fight the water or earth boss on stage 2.3 or 3.3 they may use 1-2 attacks they never use on stage 1.3.

Master Sura (Final Boss)

First Phase

The one in which he has the Chaos barrier.

Focus on running around until you can see which attack he does.
During/After he does his attack you can do 1-2 Attacks until he attacks again.
Depending on your spells it may be wise to keep your combo until his Chaos barrier is broken and you can attack him directly.

Some of his attacks will summon black orbs which do these ‘line’ attacks, imo you should destroy them whenever you can.

Second Phase

The one in which he dashes around.

He will always do 6 attacks in a row until he gives you a good opening.
He will always do 1 fire, 1 air, 1 water, 1 earth, 1 lightning attack (in random orders) and his 6.th attack will always be a chaos arcana.

While he uses his elemental attacks he will dash around a lot, so try to keep your distance and focus on dodging.

After he uses his chaos arcana he will dash 2 times and then you should attack him.
So if you see him using his chaos arcana prepare your attacks.
Like in phase 1 some of his attacks will summon black orbs which do these ‘line’ attacks, imo you should destroy them whenever you can.

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