Star Valor – Simple Guide for Farming

I wirte this Guide here to Help you guys farm stuff for your equippment or for selling to get money for bigger ships.


One of they Easyiest ways to gain things for your ships or stuff to sell is by Scavanging ship wrecks. This can give you all stuf in all raritys and then you can sell them. This also gives alot of energy cells and metal. I had moments where I need something and it was inside a wreck. Like a shield charger cause my shield was loading very slow as a beginner or a new better weapon etc. Be sure to spend points in engineering.

Star Valor - Simple Guide for Farming


I dont know much about Trading but you need a Trading computer. This will show you the average price on station you visited. So lets say the avg. Is 100 and you find a station where it is sold for 50 this would be a good margin.


At the Beginning mining is very slow and it takes your energy fast. Once you’r in the game you will need a better laser (it takes long to mine) I suggest to sell all goods you mine if you dont need the crystals. Metal fills the cargo very fast so for a big mining tour I suggest if no station is close to destory the metal and go for chrystals maybe and put points in mining so you get extra stuff other wise its not usefull.

Fighting aka Marauder Outposts

This is very hard in the beginning cause oveaheating and less energy. I suggest doing Scavenging until you got a Claymore with 4 Rapid Heavy Lasers (red ones) on the turrets (it makes it easy to hit targets) when you’r lucky you get a Ultra Beam Laser that has like 400 DPS and then you are very very strong. This is the setup I use now.

Star Valor - Simple Guide for Farming

Mining Laser and Ultra Laser on the very front 1 Rocket launcher on each side on the front the red lasers on the turrets and the healing laser on the front turret ) with this build and power distribution I can warp 7.5 parsecs boost endless and shoot endless and to make the enemy die in a fraction of time use your tractor beam on them rendering them sitting ducks.

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