Never Split the Party – Classes Guide

The six classes – descriptions, statistics, attributes and differences.

Tabular representation of the basic attributes:

Never Split the Party - Classes Guide

More Detailed Start Item Descriptions

  • The Fighter none.
  • The Cleric (Regeneration) Reusable Heal: Heals 1 heart when used. Recharges in 4 rooms. 
  • The Rogue (Shadowy Trick) Spawns 1 to 3 Coins: Recharges in 3 rooms. 
  • The Mage (Lightning) Damages All Enemies: Deals 30 Damage when used. Recharges in 5 rooms.
  • The Mage (Mana Stone) Reusable Items Recharge Faster: Reusable Items recharge twice as fast.
  • The Ranger (Pierce) Piercing Attacks: Your weapon projectiles fly through walls and enemies and make multidamage.
  • The Mercenary (Mercenary) Coins Add Damage: Damage increased for each coin collected.


  • The Fighter: A well balanced class but without special features.
  • The Cleric: Focused on defense and healing. He starts with high health and can heal himself.
  • The Rogue: He moves really fast, gets free money all the time and all other stats are also above average.
  • The Mage: Weak defense (lowest health) but very strong damage output. Unfortunately with a low shot range.
  • The Ranger: He Has high fire rate and pierce. That’s why very large damage can be done to large groups of enemies.
  • The Mercenary: Coins makes him strong. That means the more coins he has in the inventory, the more damage he will do. His other attributes are unfortunately modest. 
Written by Peter Pervers

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