The Hex – Achievement Walkthrough

A full in-depth guide how to get all achievements in The Hex.

Story Achievements

All credit goes to pluggedintogaming!

  • Childhood Ruined
  • Overdone
  • Lousy Tenant
  • Rocky Road
  • Pyrrhic Victory
  • That Was Lionel Snill
  • The Hex 

Acheieve these just by playing through each of the six character’s memory sections, in order. This is done by just playing through the game normally.

No Thanks, Mr. Shrewd!

This one is pretty simple. Just use triple jumps and the just-out of frame clouds and platforms to never fall to your death or land on any of the spikes. You get the achievement by completing all Weasel Kid levels without handicap.

360 No Scope

Perform a 360 degree turn and shoot, hitting an enemy, without using the scope. This achievement is super easy if you do it at your first chance possible. Shoot the two locks on the door to the sniper section, then open the door. The first enemy waiting behind the door should be the easiest to 360 no scope.


During Rust’s chapter, when you get access to the map with the gated pathway, there will be an upgrade in a shop with a “Ticket.” If you use your money to buy the useless ticket, go back to the gate with the blocked off path and move to the end of the route. You get the achievement when you get to the end of the path and change the map screen.

Insert Coin, Ice Cold

For Insert Coin, you need to open one of the three vending machines in the Six Pint Inn. But, assuming you are trying to complete the game, you need all 30 quarters hidden around the Inn to open all three machines. You get the achievement when you open whichever your third vending machine is.

There are three denominations of price, a small, medium, and large priced machine. You can attempt to collect all the coins steadily throughout the game, or once you control ???, you can pick up all 30 before entering his memory.

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