Resonance of Fate / End of Eternity – Basic Beginner Guide

The goal of this guide is to explain the basics of the game and help new players get a better understanding of the core mechanics of Resonance of Faith.


1. Movement:

  • When in combat you can move freely as long as you dont deplete your action bar(blue bar right where your character’s name is). 
  • While standing still, time is ‘frozen’ for everyone, but when you start moving, enemies can move as well or attack you. 
  • Keep in mind that it take half a second to stop time again even if you alreadty stopped moving. 
  • If you get hit while moving, your character might flinch or even get knocked down depending on the type of attack you recieve or from it’s damage. 

2. Type of Damages:

Direct Damage:

  • Direct damage is the ONLY way to ‘remove’ hp from the enemy. 
  • Only pistols and grenades can deal Direct damage (see grenades for more info). 
  • Barehanded attacks also count as Direct damage even though they deal insignificant damage(useful only for Iron Fist Achievement). 

Scratch Damage:

  • Scratch damage converts the enemy’s hp into a Blue hp bar that you can then ‘detonate’ or ‘convert’ with Direct Damage. 
  • Only SMGs can deal Scratch Damage. Some grenades can deal some scratch damage (see grenades for more info). 
  • Scratch Damage is temporary only. Meaning that the enemy might recover it back to green hp if you dont ‘detonate’/’convert’ it right away. 

3. Shields:

  • They are shown as extra hp bars around the enemy. 
  • The longer a shield, the more hp it has. 
  • They can ‘absorb’ all incoming damage from their angle, until you destroy them. 
  • They can be broken in more pieces to make large one easier to destroy (see gauge break). 
  • They are ‘physical’ objects/equipment on the enemy. 
  • You can also destroy them to make an enemy drop certian items. 

4. Attacks:

Charge meter and distance:

  • When attacking in any way, you will always have a charging animation, which increases the damage of the attack based on how much you did charge it before attacking. The longer the charge, the higher the multiplier and different the effects (skills, see skills). 
  • Your distance between you and your enemy matters, infact, the farther the enemy, the longer it will take you to charge attacks. 
  • The speed of charge, is also affected by your weapon stats. 
  • Upgrading a weapon Speed charge and Acceleration, can help reduce the time needed to performa a single charge. 

Normal attacks:

  • Normal attacks can be performed by standing still and pressing the attack button. 
  • This will start draining your Action Bar and you will start the charge animation. 
  • You can press the attack button once again after your first charge to launch the attack with the corrisponding multiplier shown on the right side of the screen. 
  • Normal attack like movement, makes time flow, so enemies can still attack you and stop your attack. 
  • If you dont press the attack button a second time before your action bar depletes, you will not attack, and loose the turn. 
  • You can cancel the attack at any given time by pressing the cancel button, allowing you to move or attack again if you still have some Action Bar left.

Written by Erickdesu

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