Wanderland – Tavern Card Locations

This guide will show you possible locations for the Tavern Cards in a few different Portals (Canyon, Frozen Town, Grim Forest).

Something to Keep in Mind

The majority of these cards are hard to spot – so don’t feel discouraged should you have a difficult time finding them on your own or EVEN with a guide!

  • The cards fade in and out of the picture quickly.
  • Most of the cards are very small.
  • Alot of the cards stay at 75-85% faded and won’t get any clearer than that.
  • And as other people have stated in their guides; Do not spend more than 10-15 seconds per image. Just click “Back” and click the portal again for a new try.

When you play the memory game – Keep in mind that the last pair you match, is the item you will get. Save the item you’d like the most for last, but also remember that you only have a certain amount of moves. Sometimes it’s better to get an item than getting no item at all.

Frozen Town Portal

Wanderland - Tavern Card Locations

Post Office (In Frozen Town)

Wanderland - Tavern Card Locations

Grim Forest Portal

Wanderland - Tavern Card Locations

Canyon Portal

Wanderland - Tavern Card Locations

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