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Leviathan: A Survival RPG - Maps & Walkthrough

Written by koskeusko   /   Dec 4, 2018    
Leviathan: A Survival RPG - Maps & Walkthrough

Mapping East


  • V12, O8.


  • U12 - Abandoned Cave (unsafe bed, Lumbering Axe).
  • P11 - Cave (unsafe bed, Behemoth boss in cellar on cave, relief behind boss's shrine).
  • R7 - Underground Lake Cave (Pickaxe).
  • N7 - Cried Up Well (something is here, but dunno yet what exactly).
  • M14 - Goblin's Camp (gobin's boss).

Interesting Buildings:

  • T11 - Ruined Temple (nun, holy water, Nun's Sword). Lockpick needed, or make it 3 for sword.
  • S13 - Building isnt interesting, but you can get free Pickaxe there.
  • S15 - Alchemist's Shed (alchemist, safe bed, save game). You can get chest outside from north side.
  • Q13 - Abandoned Village (one of tablets in red chest, unsafe bed, food in bar after defeating thief).
  • Q12 - Abandoned Village (unsafe bed, save game).
  • Q11 - Abandoned Village (Lumbering Axe in warehouse).

K11 is Crossroad of Prayer camp, center of island and only place where you can move from one part to another.

Goblins Camp escape - there's a seacond way to escape. Instead of eating poisonous moss, there might be an action "Coa a knife" that will give you poisoned knife. So once you shout a guardian and brag about gold, Chocolat will backstab goblin. After that you will get 30 skillpoints for escape and free teleport to your Camp. No poison or something, yey. Not sure about triggers for that action, tho, so just check it from time to time.

Leviathan: A Survival RPG - Maps & Walkthrough

Mapping West


  • G12, A11.


  • I13 - Abandoned Thief Hideout (unsafe bed, Stone Sword).
  • I13 - Dried Up Well (relief).
  • C9 - Desert Bandit Hideout (Pickaxe, Sphinx boss).

Interesting Buildings:

  • I10 - Dark Green Shrine (collecting sape here is first quest for Settlement).
  • H10 - Drenched Wall - bring all 12 collectibles here.
  • G9 - Galio's house.
  • G12 - Survivor's Settlement.
  • F14 - Shrine of Dream Nights.
  • C13 aka Church of Soundless Bell - Shrine of Penitence (weapon master, save game).
  • B10 - Forgotten Temple (Niko's quest, Moon, relief on Dungeon 3).
  • E12 - Old Knight Fortress (nothing interesting here, lol).
  • E11 - Old Knight Garrison (unsafe bed on floor 2, libraby on floor 3).
  • E10 - Dungeons.
  • E8 - Strange flower.
  • D8 - Saint's Haven (refief in red chest bihind shrine).

There's piano riddle in Forgotten Temple, but i just buttonmashed through it, so no solution.

Leviathan: A Survival RPG - Maps & Walkthrough

Mapping South


  • K20, E21.


  • I17 - Cave of Ignorance (nothing interesting).
  • K19 - Moonlight Cave (sailor).
  • M20 - South entrance to N18-N20 cave.
  • N19 - Cave Entrance (man, boat).
  • O19 - Slimy Cave (Kraken boss).
  • N18 - Cave Entrance.
  • N17 - North entrance to N18-N20 cave.

Interesting Buildings:

  • F21 - Ocean Temple (relief in red chest inside).
  • E18 - You will get inside if defeated by thiefs.

Man at N19 sells Lumbering Axes and Pickaxes, if you still need those. To get into O19 you need to fix boat.

Leviathan: A Survival RPG - Maps & Walkthrough

Mapping North


  • I3.


  • M4 - Abandoned Thief Hideout (useless if you dont want 500 Lira, wash yourself or resources).
  • I5 - Giant's Cave (Cyclops).
  • K4 and K2 - Entrances to Seeker's Cave.
  • K1 - Abandoned Thief Hideout (Phoenix boss).
  • L1 - Dwarf's Hideout Entrance (dwarf, safe bed).
  • H1 - Orc Treasury (relief).

Interesting Buildings:

  • K8 - Not really a building, but you can find knights here.
  • N1 - Castle of Clouded Light (you can get a key from boss of Forgotten Temple that spaws at night near piano; relief on 1st floor).
  • G2 - Orc Stronghold.

Smallest map with just single camp here. No real passage between I4 and I3, map is splitted into 2 parts without connecting each other. There's a relief in west part of K6, but you can get there only via poisoned land in K5. Would cost ~150hp for you.

You can open door in Orc Stronghold floor 1 with key you get in Castle of Clouded Light, but i didnt added this on map since its too big already and just not worth. There's just a way without monster to F2 -> E2 -> E1 kill a dragon here. Big yey.

Leviathan: A Survival RPG - Maps & Walkthrough

Gameplay Tips

  • Make sure to read the attached survival guide.

  • The map is divided into a grid, going from A to V horizontally and from 1 to 21 vertically. You can check this by the map name on the lower-right corner of the screen when you travel on a map.

  • You can sometimes find items by drawing ocean water. The items you get depend on the place. At V12 and E21 it's seashells, at K20 it's corals, and at O19 it's pearls.

  • You can nullify the confusion status inflicted by strong bosses using stance skills.

  • If you're captured by bandits, goblins, or orc and manage to escape, the first time you do so you'll get +30 skill points.

  • Doing sexual acts causes your adaptability to rise, which in turn lets you prostitute yourself to characters who you're able to negotiate with.

  • Torches are really ineffective, to the point that they might be bugged. As such, unless you really have to go out at night, don't.

There's New Game Plus:

  • You retain all your items, save for some important ones like keys and event items. You also retain your reliefs.

  • For the bosses, they get 5000 lira and gold armor. It's not possible to get a golden sword.

  • A "migratory bird" who sells materials will appear at the western settlement. There you can buy the materials needed to make all (?) weapons and armors.

New Game+ unlocks after you finished game at first time, but make sure to start new game as New Game+ and save. Otherwise... no yey.

Rough Walkthrough of the Main Story

  • Take the wooden sword and explore the cave on the neighboring map. Also, make sure you have enough food by fishing.

  • Gather materials and make leather armor.

  • Walk to the abandoned house where you can obtain a pick axe and then make a stone sword.

  • Gather materials by killing level 2 enemies and then make iron armor.

  • Stockpile some food and water and start heading towards the settlement at the western side of the map. Prioritize movement over looking for items to save energy, and also avoid level 3 enemies as much as possible. Once you find the place, replenish your supplies by gathering items around it. 

  • Finish the event at the western settlement. Then prepare food and potions and head to the knights' stronghold. You are going to have to fight many level 3 enemies, so you'll want to be carrying a lot of healing items 

  • Once you're able to travel to the orcs' territory up north, look for materials to make bronze armor. You'll need to various level 3 enemies all over the place to obtain the necessary materials. 

  • Once you finish the armor, go see Noel and hear the information about the dwarf. Then, go meet them. 

  • After meeting the dwarf, return to the settlement. Then, after the event, head to the thieves' underground city. There are no battles there, so you don't have to prepare food. 

  • Once you return from the underground city, meet up with the nun in the east and obtain the anima weapon. 

  • To make sure you're ready to hunt magical beasts, you should first kill a bunch of level 4 enemies and obtain the materials necessary to make silver armor. You'll also have an easier time if you can make fortissimo as your weapon. 

  • Kill 4 magical beasts to fill the anima weapon and then go talk to the dwarf. 

  • Make sure you have some amount of potion, and then challenge the final boss. It'll go down surprisingly easily.

Written by koskeusko.