Parkitect – Starting Guide

Tips & Tricks

Increasing Intensity:

  • When given the option to set a breaking value (km/h), ie Wooden / Steel / Flying Coasters, add 1 section of hard break at the end of the track.
  • Picture 1: Massive increase in intensity. Length (number of sections) of the break has no effect on intensity.
  • Picture 2: Lower value yields higher intensity. Try 0.5km/h.

Parkitect - Starting Guide
Parkitect - Starting Guide

Paddleboats & Bumper Boats:

  • These rides can pass through half sloped stairways.
  • Picture: First encounter of Bumper Boats. 

Parkitect - Starting Guide

Placing Multiple Path Attachments:

  • Hold Shift.
  • Picture: 3 benches placed with one click. 

Parkitect - Starting Guide

Coaster Statistics

Control Coaster:

  • This is the coaster used as a control to compare with various scenarios below. 

Parkitect - Starting Guide


  • Conclusion: Bad decoration rating will negatively impact Excitement.
  • Picture: Coaster placed besides 3 depots and the main entrance structures (displayed in purple). 

Parkitect - Starting Guide

Walls & Trees:

  • Conclusion: Walls and trees will act as a barrier against bad decoration rating.
  • Picture 1: Bad decoration rating seeps through an opening on the building.
  • Picture 2: Constructed walls around source of bad decoration rating as a form of containment. 

Parkitect - Starting Guide
Parkitect - Starting Guide


  • Conclusion: Doesn’t do anything.
  • Picture: Nada. 

Parkitect - Starting Guide


  • Conclusion: Having a portion of the ride go underground increases Excitement. However, it is very difficult to decorate underground areas.
  • Picture: Massive increase in Excitement. 

Parkitect - Starting Guide

Duration (Minutes):

  • Conclusion: Uncertain. Longer the duration (5+) higher the Excitement. However, medium length (1-5) yield less favorable Excitement (test not included here).
  • Other: Does time spent waiting in the station have a negative impact?
  • Picture 1: Short duration.
  • Picture 2: Long duration. 

Parkitect - Starting Guide
Parkitect - Starting Guide

Chain Speed:

  • Conclusion: Higher the speed faster the cart, thus higher Intensity.
  • Picture: Slight increase in intensity. Compare Max Velocity from Control Coaster. 

Parkitect - Starting Guide

Cart Sizes:

  • Conclusion: Passengers are heavy. (Physics!)
  • Other: Do passengers get higher Excitement from being in a larger crowd (cart)?
  • Picture 1: Different cart sizes result in different test results.
  • Picture 2: Small cart accelerates faster but also retains less velocity on inclines.
  • Picture 3: Air time is affected.
  • Picture 4: Lateral G-force is affected. 

Parkitect - Starting Guide
Parkitect - Starting Guide
Parkitect - Starting Guide
Parkitect - Starting Guide

S Bends:

Conclusion: S bends Increases Nausea.


  • Long Straight Shlong: Long glide with no S-bends
  • Long Shlong: Long glide with 2 S-bends
  • Long Bent Shlong: Long glide with 6 S-bends

Picture: More the S-bends higher the Nausea.

Parkitect - Starting Guide


These are educated guesses.

  • Duration: Time passenger spent in the attraction. From when passenger steps into the attraction to when passenger steps out of the attraction. Affects Excitement.
  • Excitement: Attractiveness of the attraction. Affects likelihood of guest visits.
  • Intensity: A combination of vertical, lateral, longitudinal g-force, velocity, and air time.
  • Nausea: Sudden changes in lateral g-force.

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