ATLAS – Island Selection / Biomes Guide

A simple guide explaining the selection of islands.

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This guide focuses on explaining the types of islands and its traits. This guide will also go into detail about “biomes” and the side effects associated with it.

Selecting an Island

Early survival in this game can be extreamly rough sometimes, if you are not aware of the mechanics or environment you can set yourself up for a rough start or even failure. But don’t worry, I will clear up many things to have a smooth start wtih detailed information!

How Islands Work

In this game the islands each are placed in specific regions, these regions are very important as each one has unique characteristics in the environment such as climate, animal species, raw materials, ores, plants etc.

ATLAS - Island Selection / Biomes Guide

The Best Starting Location would be within the western temperate zone to eastern temperate zones, within the green box of A4 x O12 (western temperate zones and everything inside it heading towards the equatorial). Why? Because the Polar zones in the north and south are much harder to survive in. If you begin in a polar zone you will automatically start with the hypothermia condition.

If you do not know where these areas are, the western temperate zones and the deserts are highlighted in green and the tundras are highlighted in red. Try to stay away from the red.

  • You get hypothermia (cold) in the tundras.
  • You get hyperthermia (hot) in the western temperate zones.

Hyporthermia is a when your body has a drop in temperature due to cold exposure, with this your character slowly dies. Compared to the islands in the western temperate zones it’s much harder to start as the hypothermia is almost like a timer to your death forcing you to rush to different steps which may be difficult early on.

You may argue that within the western temperate zones the climate may cause you to suffer from hyperthermia (opposite of Hyperthermia), this may be true but it is much easier to deal with. To deal with hyperthermia you need to just walk into the water, your guy will get a condition called
“Wetness”. Wetness will cool your character down and decrease the effects of Hyperthermia.
Since all Ports have a source of water close by and the ocean is always close by it’s much more practical.

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