Diaspora Mass Exodus – Starting Guide

Welcome Pilots. This post will hopefully help you out on your first experience of Diaspora: Mass Exodus.

Starting Out for The First Time

All credit goes to StarReaper!

When you have registered your account you will arrive at a pre-designated planet in the Gen Zone. The Gen Zone is a beginners area and allows a nice transition to complete the tutorial quests, gain experience from the Gen Raider AI and trade between the three Gen Planets. As with every game, there are some PvP battles that occur here, stick with it though, and say something in the chat, you’ll be surprised at how many players will come to your aid!

At first you will see a series of menu options. Starting out, the main ones you will need is ‘Hanger’ located bottom left of your screen and ‘Trade’ located bottom right of your screen and ‘Research’ found under Pilot>Pilot Info>Research.

Hanger: So the hanger is where you can look at your current ship, equip it with new Jump Drives (makes you ships jump drive charge faster), Weapons and other miscellaneous equipment. If you die you will need to come back to the hanger and purchase a new ship. Each ship, weapon and misc equipment has a prerequisite rank associated to it, meaning you will need to gain experience and level your rank to get better ships. You hanger can only be accessed at your home planet. This can been changed as you venture further afield. To do so, you go to Planet>Planet Info>Set as home planet, however you can only do this once in every 24 hours period. You will need to go to your Hanger to repair your damaged ship.

Trade: This is where you make the big monies. Grab yourself a carrier or freighter (Carrier being slight faster but not that much hull or a Freighter, which is slower but higher hull) in the hanger, research or ask the other players in the system what to buy and sell and get trading. I’ll keep it simple… buy low, sell high, get rich or die trying (couldn’t help myself there…). As you venture out of the Gen Zone, and your Jump Range Research gets higher, you will find more lucrative but perilous trade routes.

Research: Research is needed to further your Jump Range to enable access to the large Neutral Zone, which is the main area within Diaspora: Mass Exodus. Also in research you can give yourself percentage advantages in Speed and Damage and also an option to permanently increase cargo space.

So without further ado, with this information you should be able to leave planet. Ensuring you have a ship equipped, press ‘Launch’ in the centre of your Planet Dashboard and…. that’s you in Space! You’ll be in the Gen Zone. This will be your first look on your Pilots HUD.

From Left to Right you have:

  • Weapon Percentages – This shows how much damage has occurred to your equipped weapons. If this area is blank, you have no guns equipped! 
  • Engage and Land Buttons – Engage a target with your equipped guns. The Land button only works at Planets and Warp Gates (quick tip, double clicking on either a Planet or Warp Gate will also make you Land). 
  • Centre Console – This is where most of your information is displayed whilst in flight. You will find your Name, Current Rank and Experience in that Rank and how much money you have. When you select another ship you will also be shown the details of that person and their current hull details. Take note of if its a Bot or Player! The top three little yellowfins buttons work as well, top being your normal screen, second from top your current quest screen and the third being your current party. 
  • Jump, Shield and Power Bar – When you first enter space your power bar will be up. You will need to lower this to allow your jump drive to gradually fill up. Once this is full you can click ‘Jump’ and it will allow you access to the Galactic Map. You can only jump to the connecting node/s from the node you are in. The shield is well needed! Use that power bar to raise your shields. 
  • Loot Screen – This shows the current amount of goods/loot that is free in your node. These can be dropped by either Bots, Asteroids or Players. Beware though, if you jump into a node that has a significant amount of goods in, its likely that a person has been farming there, and if you steal it, well, I guess I’ll leave that down to you to find out.
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