GRIP: Combat Racing – How to Activate Hyperspeed

Do you want to really feel the powerful acceleration that these big jet engines could have? Or do you just want to get more speed, racing sometimes faster than an Assassin? Thankfully the devs have a special mode in store for us: hyperspeed. Here is how to activate it.

Activating Hyperspeed

Hyperspeed is activated by reaching Mach 1 on a few places (not all places work). District 404 is one of the few places where it does work.

In order to reach Mach 1 there easily, I recommend the following settings:

  • Catch-up enabled.
  • Speed Demon mode.
  • Wild engine, Lethal AI (so they can get away fast).
  • A car with a high top speed (like Dreadnought) though i think any car can do.

How to unlock it: wait a bit for the AIs to go past you, in order to get the full bonus from catch-up. Gather two turbos – normally only one of them should be enough. Don’t use them yet. When you come to the first ramp, start accelerating as fast as possible, then launch a turbo as you are climbing while burning your nitro. You should reach Mach 1 easily by the jump.

Once you unlock it, you should have a message “Hyperspeed unlocked” popping up – you can then leave the race. Next time you go to Single Player or Multiplayer game creation menu, you will have a Hyperspeed toggle.

Hyperspeed in Action

It is fast, and feels a lot like Rollcage in terms of speed and acceleration. However, beware that the tracks are not necessarily designed for it, so you will have to use your brakes a lot more, and you will likely crash a lot more too (but you will recover faster).

The AIs are surprisingly good on most of the tracks with that mode. It will definitely keep you on your toes in single player, and you can have tons of fun in multiplayer too.

One thing to note is that the weapons won’t be as effective, due to the insane speeds of the cars. Playing hyperspeed will require you to have a more precise driving, as well as being more careful with your weapons if you want them to hit. But it is very rewarding.

Hyperspeed in Multiplayer

Hyperspeed is a non votable toggle just like Engine speed an AI difficulty. As the lobby creator, you set it once and for all.

However, as of GRIP 1.3.2, there is a bug : if someone who hasn’t unlocked Hyperspeed mode votes for a track, and the track gets selected, then Hyperspeed will be turned off in the lobby, and you will have to create a new lobby if you want to keep playing with Hyperspeed. A way around that is to either create a lobby without voting, or only race with people who have Hyperspeed already unlocked.

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