Sister Travel – Simple Walkthrough

A simple walkthrough based on my gameplay, with some hints in how to proceed. Finished the game, but still has some unclear parts for me. Any help is welcome.

  • This guide contains spoilers, if you don´t mind go ahead and read at your own risk. 
  • This review was based in steam version with 18+ patch applied, so may be different in a few aspects.

Partner / Class Available

This is a game with turn-based battles, you can only fight with 3 characters per battle (the enemy side can come with until 6 enemies).


  • Big Brother (MC): the main character, once you defeat a monster girl, you can use their power, so his class is variable. In my gameplay, usually, I use Big Brother for offense since his attack is high. 
  • Kodachi: swordswoman/rogue; you will start your game with Kodachi as your partner. 
  • Medina: the healer. Following the story, you eventually will meet her in the Sunny Forest. 
  • Amy: the archer. Talk with her in the camp when you can(she will stay in another inn, you will see a green haired girl on the screen), do some quests for her and she will join to your party later. 
  • Aegis: the Tank; a shield bearer. Has the better defense with some useful skills like Shield bash and Armor Break. You will find a “!” in the Abundant Forest, where you find her, later go to The Hole of the White One (in Sunny Forest). 
  • Melody: the singer/ bard, after the events with Aidelle (inn owner), you will find her in an event in the inn. 
  • Mana: the witch; will join your party when the game is near to the ending. 

Monster Heart

You will obtain monster heart by defeating the monster girls, equip them in the Big Brother so you can use their power.

  • Mandrake Heart: will be your first monster girl, found in Sunny Forest. Later by the game events (after you buy clothes for her), her heart will turn more powerful called Flora Heart. Inflict damage and can restrain them the enemy or put to sleep. H scene available. 
  • Fairy Heart: found in the Sunny Forest, in the green gathering point, keep clicking in the apple tree. Restore the target health and confers a blessing. Have not h scene. 
  • Nekomata: check the quest board, after accepting the quest, find her where you found Flora. A fast attack that inflicts bleeding. Have not h scene. 
  • Forest Sprite Heart: Found in the Abundant Forest, in the Animal Path. Go to the apple tree and keep gathering apple until she appears. Attack all enemies with raging winds. Have not h scene. 
  • Alraune Heart: I don’t remember, but I think I got her in the Stone Cathedral (Forest Ruins), you will hear the details in the inn and investigate the Cathedral. Gradually recovers your hp. Have not h scene. 
  • Banshee heart: check the quest board, you will find her in the inn (once the inn is upgraded). Inflict damage to the opponent’s spirit, and inflicts sorrow/ silence. Have not h scene. 
  • Mermaid heart: find her in the green square in the Azure Sea, use bait in the deep fish point. Attract the enemy attack for a few turns. Have not h scene. 
  • Siren heart: find her in the green square in the Azure Sea, use bait in the deep fish point. Revive and recovers one ally HP. Have not h scene. 
  • Lorelei heart: find her in the green square in the Azure Sea, use bait in the deep fish point. Inflict damage to the opponent’s spirit, and inflicts sorrow/ silence. Have not h scene. 
  • Mermaid Queen Heart: find her in the green square in the Azure Sea, use bait in the deep fish point. Attack all enemies, call on the tides to drown the enemy. Have not h scene. 
  • Phantom heart: I don’t remember, but I think I got her in the Lost Capital, I don’t remember the details, but following the game main story you eventually will get. Halve damage once and reflects the damage. Have not h scene. 
  • Grimore heart: find her in the Stone Cathedral (Forest Ruins) and defeat the ghost. Have not h scene. 
  • Harpy heart: by completing the Harpy quest in the East Wind Plateau. Aerial Attack, your ultimate attack from the sky. Have an h scene with Celaeno. 
  • Slime heart: I don’t remember, but I think I got her in the Forgotten Ruins (Wind Valley). Deal some damage and absorb their HP. 

Not sure if has others monster girls, only got those so far.

Some Hints

  • If you are stuck in some part, return to the inn and rest. The next day might unlock new events. Always revisit the blue square in the map, check all “!” when you see in the map; pay attention in the Aidelle dialogue, she may give some important details. 
  • Once you reach the Forest Ruins, go to the Wide Well to unlock the diary (to access the h scenes in the inn) and a point to recover your status. 
  • If a fight is hard, try to change your partner and buy new gear. Good gear can make difference. 
  • The money is important, you can use to upgrade the local blacksmith items available by talking with Aidelle. You can get money by selling items like wood or fish, or also selling them to the two blue points near to the river in Camp, they pay well for fish and fruits. 
  • Green apples can restore your SP, Golden and Miracle apple will restore HP and SP. 
  • Always rest in the inn, and choose a girl in the night or peep them in the SPA. This will unlock new events and give you and the girl EXP. 
  • If you don’t want to pass the day, you can rest in the Harpies hut in East Wind Plateau or Wide Well in the Forest Ruin. They can recover your status (HP/ MP) and some AP. Besides the inn, you also can rest in the Fox Shrine. Both Fox Shrine and Inn is where you can do sex/ replenish supplies and call the day. 
  • New quests will appear once you complete the current ones available. Some will only appear after some progress. Seems only 16 quests are available. 
  • In the quest to kill Stubborn Mold in the inn, you can lose the battle and talk with Aidelle. Then go to your room and get Cleaning Spray, they are a good weapon against Mold. 
  • Some choices will not affect the gameplay, some will, like the skill you can get. In the battle with Dragon Girl, if you choose to fight with Kodachi alone, you can get a new sword skill for Kodachi. In the Aegis sex scene, what you choose will define which skill she will get. 

Unclear Parts

Some parts I just have no idea what they are, any help is welcome:

  • How I can use and how powerful is Unbound (your name) Attack? This needs 400 SP/ MP. Beat the game with LV 25, even using manastones, the SP is still below of 200. Even to use Boundary break needs at least 140 SP, after using this the SP is almost 0 to use other skills. 
  • How to access Wetland. 
  • After defeating the library girl, this is really the ending? Is pretty anti-climatic. There is a way to unlock the full gallery? 
  • What you will receive by defeating the Serpent? 
  • How to get Kodachi´s 4th scene (1st page), Amy first scene (first page)? Only missing two scenes for the full gallery. 
  • Why Aidelle and Flora gain EXP after sex? They cant join the battles.

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