LEGO Worlds – All Legendary Brick Locations

Complete list of Legendary brick coordinates, for the achievements.

These are all the locations for the legendary bricks, the achievement unlocks when you get close to the brick.

Unconfirmed: You most likeley need to have unlocked huge worlds (80 gold bricks), a friend tried it while at 30 bricks and it didn’t work for them.

The legendary brick will often be in the sky or underwater, use broom, helicopter or skydive to fly up and diversuit or skeleton to dive down.

LEGO Worlds - All Legendary Brick Locations

How to Find Them

  • Go to your spaceship, enter the coordinates at the bottom left into the world generator f. ex. like so:
    x12y34z56 (galactic zone letter does not matter).
  • Click on ‘find world’.
  • Then click ‘go to world’. 
  • Click on your minimap (top right) to then see your coordinates at the top left, X,Y, Z.
    Or hit ‘escape’ key and go to “profiler and stats” options to permanantly see the coordinates on your sreen so you dont have to look on the world map every 5 seconds. 
  • Focus on X and Z. Y is the just the height. The brick will be at the same coordinate as the world! So for x12y34z56 the brick is at x12y34z56. 
  • Move a little bit in ONE direction so you line up with the X axis and see how the X coordinate changes, positive or negative keep checking minimap to keep track then turn around if need be. 
  • Move until you are at the correct place, for example for x12, x10 is okay. 
  • Adjust and do the same for Z coordinate and move until you find the brick.

All Legendary Brick Coordinates

1x2x3 Slope Brick


1×2 Slope Brick


1×2 Brick


1×1 Brick


2×2 Slope Brick


2×2 Corner Brick


2×2 Brick


1×4 Slope Brick


2x2x3 Slope Brick


2×3 Brick


2×3 Slope Brick


2×4 Slope Brick


1×3 Slope Brick


3×3 Corner Brick


2×4 Brick


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LEGO Worlds - All Legendary Brick Locations

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