DK Online – Sorceress General Guide

Quick Guide to Sorceress

So you have chosen to be a sorceress. First of all, welcome to the class. It’s a challenging class which would reward you well if you are patient. More importantly, it is one of the easiest class to play as you have more offensive skills and can use skills to regenerate your resources, alongside the Warlock.


  • Can buff allies’ magic resistance, attack and speed. At the cost of crystals, you can also buff allies’ max hp and mp.
  • You can consistently AOE farm from level 24, whereas other classes will need higher levels to do so.
  • Can mix combat styles (refer to 1.2)


  • Except for some instant casts, skills will usually have animation delays. Therefore, you cannot “weave” unlike other games (affects all classes).
  • You have very terrible defense. Period.
  • Low hp pool means that you may have to chug health pots nonstop if you are AOE grinding mobs who can damage you a lot.
  • Gender and race locked. You just gotta be a sexy female elf if you want to be a sorceress.

Gears and Battle Techniques

A Sorceress can fight with either using a Staff, or a Longsword and Shield.

Staves are mostly useful for adding a bit more spellpower (SP) and mana regen, though the latter is somewhat irrelevant after you have learnt Meditation at level 12. In late game, the additional magic attack and attack vs creatures will help boost your skill’s damage output, and is therefore the weapon of choice for spell-slinging and ranged dps.

On the other hand, you can melee or cast magic with the longsword, while equipping the shield for more defense and chance to block. Do note that you must equip the sword in order to cast spells, as your skills are not available if you do not have a weapon equipped. This is a traditional build if you intend to do AOE grinding (especially after level 24), as some extra defense goes a long way in reducing your damage taken while you kite the mobs and waiting for cooldowns.

You should aim to gear yourself with armors in the best defense possible. Please always check if the gear can be worn by Sorceress (denoted by the sorceress icon in the description when you hover over an item). Usually, a Sorceress can wear robes, most helms, gloves and boots, and certain cloaks (cloak of defense is not possible). In terms of accessories, you would want to focus on getting INT or WIS where possible, but if you are on a budget, these can be skipped.

Unlike the Aeria version, due to significant nerfs to stun skills (where all your stuns have a probability to proc instead of a guaranteed stun), you are usually better off with sword and board in PVP rather than staves, as you will very likely have to tank against players who can shrug off your CCs. Nonetheless, prioritise spamming your CC and high damage skills if you are fighting a hard-to-kill mob or a PVP battle.

Leveling Guide

Generally this is a guide suited for all classes, but I will write from a Sorceress’ point of view.

Level 1 -10+

You should not be bothering to grind levels at this point, but simply aim to finish the tutorial so you can leave Balt Island as soon as possible. You will know you have completed the tutorial if you are transported to Redisse City, where the real fun (and grind) begins

Skilling rotation: Ice Lance > Soul Flare > Call Lightning > Fire Ball again and again

Level 10 – 20+

Ideally you should complete your main questline until you reach Laden City, but it is also an option for you to simply grind your way through. Start your grind at Twilight Forest, then move onto the Twilight Basin. In most cases, the main quest will also bring you to these places before directing you to Laden City and the Plains, so you can level faster just by following the quest.

Level 20 – 30+

From here on, your real grind and gearing up begins. If you have consistently followed the main quest until here, the difficulty will start to scale higher as you will progress until the Pagan Temple, which can be difficult (or an absolute spam of HP pots). Begin by focusing on Laden City daily quests, and working up your staff or sword and board (focus the shield’s enhancement as you are prioritising defense for sword and board). Bear in mind that most mobs from here on will be aggressive, which means you should either keep a transformation on hand, or do your best to kill without expending too much MP so that you don’t have to use a meditation in the middle of a fight. On the other hand, at level 24, you will be able to learn Earthquake. You can choose to AOE grind by attracting aggro mobs and kite while casting Earthquakes every 5 seconds, therefore optimising your MP spent per mob and maximising exp rate efficiently.

At this point, if you can afford to do so, do your best to upgrade your gear past Steel equipments, particularly your armor, because the higher tiered armor and shield provides more defense than an upgraded Steel does, whereas an upgraded Steel Staff can have almost similar stats as a Staff of the Dead, if not better at +7 and above.

Lastly, bear in mind that the Heal skill will have diminished use as you level as it only heals as much as a minor healing potion (about 20 hp), with a ridiculous cooldown time. Therefore, you will likely spam healing potions during an AOE grind. The key place to grind is Hill of Abundance, where you should be able to do one hit kills on Owlbears if you have upgraded your staff well and therefore ensuring that you do not waste time on healing.

Level 30+

Once you have reached this stage, it is really up to you how you plan on leveling. It is advised that you still do dailies every day to get more exp, including the ones in Emtlant City. If you have consistently done the main quests, this will be your next stop. Unfortunately, you will very likely have to upgrade your Staff a lot more to be able to do well in this area. Alternately, focus on armoring up, so you can take some hits while you continue your kite and cast. This is particularly important for Lions and Cocoon Orc camp, as they have varied weapon styles that can cause trouble for your terrible health pool. On top of that, the mages in these camps are always aggressive even if you have transformed.

Alternately, if you have a Staff of Spirit, grind in the graveyard instead (south of Lumen) to maximise your bonus vs undead effectively. From this point, there’s no better training grounds (other than Chronobe’s forest regions) for you so you will have to utilise these areas to reach your desired level.

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