Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to Defeat Folding Screen Monkeys (Boss Guide)

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Folding Screen Monkeys Boss Fight

This can only be initiated if you have beaten Genichiro and spoken with Isshin.

If You Have Trouble Finding Isshin

After speaking with Kuro after the Genichiro fight, he will ask you to find Isshin in the watchtower nearby. For me, he was actually not there and only a note. Just to make sure no one gets stuck on this:

  • Retrieve Isshin’s Note from the Watchtower.
  • Speak with Emma and she will say where Isshin is.
  • Travel to Gyouba fight and go right up the stairs from the arena.
  • Enter the watchtower and find Tengu. Tengu will request ‘rats’ be slain.
  • Head through the gates from Gyouba arena.
  • Right up the hill and to your right, there will be three ‘rats’.
  • Kill them and return to Tengu for reward.
  • Head back to Emma then subsequently the previous watchtower for Isshin.

After this, you should begin to travel through the Senpou Temple area. If you were like me, you’ll already have a bunch of idol checkpoints unlocked. The one we want to go to the Main Hall checkpoint. Once there, ring the bell on the table directly in front of the large statues.

You’ll be transported to another area. Moving north, you’ll find an NPC that’ll give you hints on how to defeat each of the four monkeys. But you don’t need that since you have me! There are four monkeys in total:

  • Purple Monkey – Upon noticing you, he will run.
  • Orange Monkey – Upon noticing you, will alert the other monkeys.
  • Green Monkey – Upon hearing you, he will run.
  • Last Monkey is the one you’ll execute.

Orange Monkey First

We do the Orange Monkey first so that he can’t alert the other monkeys to our presence. Grapple up onto the roof and crouch about like you normally would. The Orange Monkey will hop about on the rooftops, so it’s best to just wait until he jumps back to your roof instead of grappling about.

If you’re having trouble keeping track of the monkeys, they should all have footprints underneath of them that allow you to track them seamlessly. Once you find yourself behind that Orange Monkey, give him a deathblow and move onto the Purple Monkey!

Purple Monkey

I actually ended up killing this randomly without the necessary mechanics. There should be a temple that you can open the doors to which will extinguish all of the candles inside. Since the Purple Monkey is great at seeing, you have the opportunity to chase him into the temple and hide.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - How to Defeat Folding Screen Monkeys (Boss Guide)

You should be able to grapple onto the rafters of the temple and once the monkey is in position, you can deathblow from above and execute him to bring this ‘boss’ to half-health. From there, we’ll move onto the final monkey.

Green Monkey

In the arena, you’ll find that one of the rooms features a waterfall. You’ll want to chase the monkey into the center of the arena so that he rests on the tree. From there, you can leap towards the monkey and force it to jump towards the NPC.

Don’t follow the monkey. You’ll want to approach the monkey in such a way that it jumps into the waterfall room by coming it at from the leftmost angle. After this, stealthily grapple yourself onto the roof of the same temple and drop from the skylight to execute.

Final Monkey

You can find this monkey meandering behind you. He’s invisible! But you can easily reveal it by tossing a few fireworks on the ground. Once you’ve done that, you can execute and get your memory as well as a nifty achievement.

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