Outward – Dev Menu (Cheats)

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Dev Menu

  • Great tool to do build crafting with out having to restart.
  • If you are one of those people who want fast travel this has a form of it, but i recommend that you only teleport to the main cities.
  • If you want to reset your mana hit F2 and uncheck the “enable mana”.

Adding Dev Menu

Here is how to add the Dev Menu.

  • Go to the “Outward” folder.
  • Go in to the folder “Outward_Data”.
  • Add “DEBUG.txt” empty.
  • Start game!

Hot Keys

Menu Hot Keys

  • F1) Spawn items “does have a search”.
  • F2) Cheat Menu “god / fast travel / skip time / etc…”.
  • F3) Skill Cheat “Add/Remove Skills / does have a search”.
  • F4) Quest Events Cheat “Add Remove Quest flags / does have a search”.

Other Hot Keys

  • Num /) Gives Raw Stat Numbers on you and targets with health bars.
  • Num .) Inverts up/down camera.
  • Num 1) Slow-Mo.
  • Num 4) Kills ones self.
  • Num 6) Gives indigestion debuff.
  • Num 7) Removes ALL Buffs “Doesn’t remove lifedrain”.
  • Num 8) Resets Cooldowns.
  • Num 9) small amount damage to self.

  • -) “animation” does pick up.
  • 9) “animation” Sit.
  • 0) “animation” Arm a Cross.

  • Left Ctrl + Left Alt + S => Force Environment Save.
  • Left Ctrl + Left Alt + L => Skip Environment Load and Reload.
  • Left Ctrl + Left Alt + X => Open Photon Network Room.
  • Left Alt + Page Up => Set Next Graphic Settings.
  • Left Alt + Page Down => Set Previous Graphic Settings.
  • Left Alt + Numpad Divide => Show Debug Info.
  • Left Shift + O => Open GUI.
  • Left Shift + U => Player Ragdoll.
  • Left Shift + H => Hide UI.

Outward - Dev Menu (Cheats)

Warnings / Notes

  • If you break your save go to main menu and when you hit continue you can select older saves.
  • Fist play-through I would recommend that you don’t fast travel to places you haven’t been.
  • The “misc” map has one teleport in spot but all the “misc” dungeons are really in the same map and that goes with “cities” and its different Interiors.
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