Senran Kagura: Estival Versus – Known Issues and Fixes

Without Further Ado

  • Impossibility to transform in the tutorial: set the game to run at 30fps for this section, and if doesn’t work, turn v-sync off as well. You can turn everything back on afterwards. But someone said on the forums there’s apparently only one way you could have this issue, which is if you have a version of the game older than the 1.00 version… 
  • Fullscreen not taking the screen’s resolution into account: first set the resolution of the windowed mode, then go into fullscreen mode (yes, it’s weird). 
  • Sound settings not saving: change the sound settings, launch a mission, clear it and save, and it will save the sound settings. 
  • Game crashing after 10-15 minutes on Windows 10: close TabTip.exe / Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service through the Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc), unless you absolutely need to use a touchscreen or any other touch-based device to use your computer (touchpads usually have their own drivers, so they should be fine). You might also have to unplug any touch-based device for the game to work properly. If you need it after playing the game, just press Windows+R and type “TabTip.exe” (without the brackets, obviously), or just restart your computer. 
  • Key bindings resetting to the default ones after restarting the game: apparently you can save before playing and the custom bindings will be back; another solution might be only rebinding one key. 
  • Getting stuck on another section in the tutorial: restart it. You might also have to unplug any touch-based device. 
  • Using the hands in the Dressing Room with a keyboard: press “X” and “numpad 2” to make them appearing. 
  • Game running slowly: set the shaders’ setting on “low”. If you’re on a laptop and have a dedicated GPU, you might also want to check that the game is not running on your IGP (integrated graphics) for some reason, by going through your GPU’s control panel and setting the game to run on the GPU. 

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  1. My constantly crashes after every mission. It’s a miracle that I’ve even reached Day 8! Please, are there any solutions to this issue?

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