Swag and Sorcery – Fashion Show: From 0 to 5 Stars

Easy way to get your village reputation to 5 stars.


The whole fashion show at 0 stars is a random mess so don’t bother bribing the judges or even doing the competition at all. It is a complete waste of recources and valuable items which you can sell to level your characters. When I was at 0 stars I invested a metric s*** ton of items to figure out the preferences of ALL the judges. Then with the help of an Excel sheet I meticulously figured out what every hero needs to wear and have equiped in order to get the best result.

And do you want to know what scores I got?

3x 1, 1, 1,

I even tried it multiple times by savegamee scumming with the same result.

TLDR of the previous paragraph: DON’T bribe the judges and DON’T bother participating in the contest while you are at 0 stars.


Here is what I found out and it is quite interesting. At a certain point you will get a quest in which you need to deliver an legendary (orange) amulet called “Beetle Assintant”. As a reward you will get reputation.

Swag and Sorcery - Fashion Show: From 0 to 5 Stars

Sadly you can not buy the recipe in the fashion house. You need to find it in one of the following dungeons:

  • “Hot Springs”
  • “Swamp”
  • “Underground City”

Once you have it you will notice that it is a epic (purple) amulet, so use your best stamina character in orderr o have a chance of a legenday (orange) rating and build that bugger.

When I completed the quest it catapulted me from 0 stars to 4 stars in an instant.

So now when you do the competition again don’t bother bribing the judges (unless you are after the “Speech master” achievement in which you need to learn all the preferences of ONE judge).

What you need to do is look what the “Trending Color” is. Equip 3 of your guys with that color and don’t mind anything else equipment wise. Only the trending color is important. Send them to the competition and get 1st and 2nd place easily.

At 0 stars the game mechanic of “Trending Color” is not available. So you need to do the quest first in Order to increase your stars a bit to unlock it. Once you have done it, it should look like this:

Swag and Sorcery - Fashion Show: From 0 to 5 Stars

And there you go. Congratulations. You will be at 5 stars in no time and the “Fashion village” achievement will be yours.

Written by Superbobich

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