SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics – Eternal Champion Secret Code

Eternal Champions Code to Make Game Easier!

Eternal Champions Cheat

All credit goes to Gamer1214!

Noticed virtually no one has added this as it is a bit obscure and tough, but worth it as it makes the game a little more forgiving and easier. See below section on what to do if you fail a code and for how to keep the code forever once you accomplish it.

When Sega pops up on the screen enter the following code and keep entering until after the character onscreen gets done inputting something on arm. I say that because it increases your chances of getting timing right. The buttons below will not match the keys on keyboard or controller. They are the keys assigned in input on your controller or game pad. For example on my Xbox controller C is assigned to my B button, B is assigned to A button, and A is assigned to my X button. Take a look at your input to see which keys are assigned to what.

Code to input:

  • c down up bbb a ccc b a

You know if you did it correctly as after touching his arm a few times he takes off his glasses. If he does this, then congrats, the game is easier and can be beaten with the rewind feature that has been implemented. Still challenging, but not impossible like before.

If you fail the code keep resetting the cartridge to get Sega to pop up and keep trying. It still takes me many tries to get it, but patience pays off. Once entered, the code stays even after you beat the gaem as long as you save. You will never have to enter the code again as long as you load your previous save.

Never in my life could I even beat one enemy on this game, but after figuring out the code, just beat it twice and had to share. Also if you want to see overkills, fatality like moves, I suggest doing two player to make it easier and make sure to do a move that is about 13% damage. There are also location requirements. Google Eternal Champion overkills online and you will find tons of info for requirements. Usually strong punches work, but some characters you may need to throw. Happy gaming.

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