Total War: Three Kingdoms – Battle Types

When an army on the campaign map is ordered to attack a settlement or another army, a battle will ensue. These battles fall into several different categories.

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An ambush battle is triggered when an army on the campaign map in ambush stance attacks. When an ambush battle begins, the defender’s army begins in a tactically disadvantageous column formation. The attacker may deploy all around them to swiftly attack them and exploit their lack of readiness. The defender will succeed if they can defeat the attacking army, or retreat via the marked extraction point.


If any army is attacked while in the Encampment Stance an encampment battle will ensue. The defender will deploy within a walled wooden encampment, with limited entry points for the attacker and arrow tower fortifications.

Land Battle

Land battle is a broad term describing the battles that occur when armies meet in open land, outside of cities or towns. They offer plenty of space to manoeuvre, and may encompass a host of different terrain features.

Town and Resource Battle

A town or resource battle is fought in a town (an unwalled commandery capital) or a resource centre – a minor settlement in a county attached to a commandery which may take the from of a mine, a farm, a small town, or other resource-generating conurbation. Town and resource battles may offer barricades for the defender to deploy, and the defender will have access to garrison troops.

Siege Battle

A Siege is a battle for a walled settlement or city. These occur when an army attacks a commandery capital. The attacker may decide to build Siege Equipment while besieging before the battle commences. Likewise, a siege battle may offer defensive fortifications for the defender to deploy, such as barricades, bastion artillery, and arrow towers in fixed positions. Please see the Siege entry in the campaign section of this glossary for a wealth of information on the campaign-game process of sieging a a city before battle commences.

The attacker may target and destroy wall sections and defensive fortifications with their artillery.

The defender will have access to the city’s garrison troops, and any army stationed in the city when the siege battle commences.

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