Lords Mobile – The Ultimate Guide (Buildings, Research, Equipment, Talents, Quests and More)

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Resource Buildings: Farm, Mine, Lumber Mill, Quarry, Manor

Farms, Mines, Lumber Mills, Quarries, and Manors produce and store their respective resources: Food, Ore, Wood, Stone, and Gold. These resource buildings can be upgraded to increase production rate and storage. Resource production will stop when storage is full.

Note: Upgrading the Manor will also increase Barrack training speed.

Military Buildings: Barracks, Infirmary

Barracks: Train troops here. Upgrade or build more Barracks to train more soldiers.

Infirmary: The Infirmary is where your injured troops are healed. All troops injured while defending, gathering, occupying, or reinforcing and 60% of troops injured in Skirmishes and outside your Turf (attacking, rallying, War for Wonders) will be sent here.

Admin Buildings: Castle (fixed), Castle Wall (fixed), Vault (fixed), Watchtower (fixed), Academy, Battle Hall, Embassy, Workshop, Trading Post, Prison, Altar

Castle (fixed): Your Castle is the most important building in your Turf. Upgrade it to unlock new buildings and features, and increase the max level of other buildings.

(Resource Buildings can only be of a higher level than your Castle when they are at Lv 2 to 4)

You can also view information about your resources and the upkeep of your troops at your Castle. Upgrading the Castle will also increase your Army Limit, max deployable Heroes in an Army, max Army Size, and max Guild Helps you can request from guildmates.

Castle Wall (fixed): The Castle Wall is your last line of defense. Garrison heroes and build traps here to protect your turf from invasion. Damaged walls regenerate over time. Upgrade to increase the Wall’s HP, recovery rate, and max Trap capacity.

Vault (fixed):
Store your resources in the Vault to safeguard them during raids! Upgrade it to store more resources.

Watchtower (fixed):
The Watchtower warns you of impending attacks, informs you when you have been scouted, and let you know when supply troops or reinforcements are arriving. Upgrade it to get more detailed reports. (Lv 25 Watchtowers will unlock the [Fortify] button. Tap it to quickly bolster your defenses for an impending Siege Battle, and lower your enemies’ power!)

Research new technology at the Academy to unlock boosts. Upgrade the Academy to reduce research time.

Battle Hall:
Build a Battle Hall to start or join a rally! Upgrade your Battle Hall to rally more troops. (Soldiers that join a Rally will share the Coalition Leader’s attributes, including Technology, Boosts, Hero Skills, Equipment, and Altar Boosts.)

Embassy: Once you have an Embassy, your guildmates will be able to send troops to help you. Upgrade your Embassy to let more Allied Troops into your turf. Upkeep for Allied Troops sent to your turf will be paid by your guildmate.

Workshop: Forge Equipment, and fuse Jewels and Materials in the Workshop. Upgrade the Workshop to Lv 17 to unlock your Leader’s 2nd Accessory slot, and to Lv 25 to unlock the 3rd Accessory slot.

Trading Post:
Trade resources with your guildmates at the Trading Post. Upgrade the Trading Post to send more resources and pay less supply tax. Upgrade the Trading Post to Lv 25 to increase your Supply Troops’ Travel Speed by 100%.

You can capture enemy Leaders in your Prison at Castle Lv 10+. If your Castle is Lv 17+, you’ll be able to execute prisoners. It takes longer to execute higher level prisoners. Upgrade your Prison to reduce waiting time. (Lv 25 Prisons will grant an Army ATK Boost when an enemy leader is imprisoned.)

The Altar grants temporary Army Boosts when you execute your captured Leaders. Upgrade the Altar to improve the effects of these boosts. (Executing 1 Leader grants a 24-hour boost. You can extend the duration of the boost by executing more Leaders.)

Special Buildings: Hero Stages, Shelter, Colosseum, Cargo Ship, Treasure Trove, Transmutation Lab, Labyrinth, Kingdom Tycoon, Bazaar

Hero Stages: Mix and match a team of 5 heroes to clear stages! This is e you can get Hero Medals and Trophies. STA is used to enter Herwhero Stages.

The Shelter protects your Leader and troops from attacks. Troops in the Shelter will not be lost when your Castle is attacked. (The Shelter has a size and time limit.)

Colosseum: Send out a team of 5 Heroes to battle against other players here! Colosseum battles are all set to auto-battle. When you defeat a player of a higher ranking, you will exchange rankings with that player. You can gain Gems every 3 hours depending on your Colosseum ranking. There are 5 free entries daily, but you can use Gems or Familiar skills to get additional entries. The Colosseum is also influenced by Constellations that change periodically and may help or hurt Heroes depending on the requirements.

Cargo Ship: The Cargo Ship is stocked with amazing items! Trade resources to get the items you want. Each batch of items will remain in the shop for 6 hours. Once the timer runs out, a new batch of items will be brought in. You can also lock items in the shop to prevent them from being taken away.

Treasure Trove: Deposit Gems at the Treasure Trove and earn more Gems over time! Upgrade it to increase the max deposit amount and interest rate.

Transmutation Lab: Transmute Dark Essences (received when destroying Darknests) at the Transmutation Lab. The Transmutation Lab can store a maximum of 3 Dark Essences. You can only transmute one Dark Essence at a time. Each Dark Essence will take a different amount of time to transmute. You can claim your transmuted items once the transmutation is complete.

Within the Labyrinth lie great treasures, but you must defeat the foul beasts that stand in your way! Only the light of a Holy Star can hurt the creatures that lurk in the Labyrinth. You might chance upon one of the Guardians while journeying through the Labyrinth. Defeat them to get their hoard of Gems!

Kingdom Tycoon: Grab your Luck Tokens and play Kingdom Tycoon to find hidden treasures!

  • Use Luck Tokens to advance on the map. Tap [Start] to roll the die, and [Stop] to stop it. The number indicated on the die will determine the number of steps you can move.
  • Map tiles may reward you with items or special effects. You could also bump into a Gemming Gremlin on the way! You will encounter a Gemming Gremlin once you reach the end of the map. Gemming Gremlin encounters will allow you to nab Gems from their stashes. If you’re lucky, you could even win their entire Gem stash!
  • The map will be reset once you reach the end.

Note: Unlocked at Castle Lv 21+ after completing [Skirmish 8 – Sacred War].

A mysterious building is said to appear only to those chosen by fate. If you’re lucky, the Bazaar will grace you with its presence and offer you special packs!

  • The Bazaar is unlocked after completing [Skirmish 4 – Lush Plains].
  • The Bazaar will appear randomly in your Turf within the [Bountiful Plains] region.
  • Enter the Bazaar to discover special packs! Offers are available for a limited time only.

Familiar Buildings (Clear Skirmish 8 to unlock): Monsterhold, Mystic Spire, Gym, Spring

Monsterhold: The Monsterhold is where you manage your Familiars. You can summon Familiars with Pacts, enhance them to the next growth stage, or upgrade their skills. You can also shatter Runes here.

Mystic Spire:
The Mystic Spire is where you can get Pacts and Skillstones. Pacts can be used to summon Familiars (duplicate Familiars will turn into Runes). Skillstones are used to activate Familiar skills. Upgrade the Mystic Spire to increase the amount of items you can get in each batch.

Gym: Train your Familiars in the Gym! Here, they can gain EXP and level up. Elder Familiars at max level can also gain Skill EXP. (Each Gym built will give 1 additional training slot.)

Spring: Springs affect Anima production rate and storage. Production stops when storage is full. Build more Springs or upgrade them to increase efficiency and merging speed in the Mystic Spire.



Research technology in this research tree to increase Construction Speed, Resource Production, Army Capacity, Gem Gathering Speed, and Resource Gathering Speed.


Research technology in this research tree to increase max Wall HP and unlock traps. You can also upgrade Traps here to keep out intruders.


Research technology in this research tree to increase Training Speed, Army Travel Speed, Troop Attributes, and receive more information when scouting (Intelligence Report). You can also unlock higher tier troops here to make your army stronger.

Monster Hunt

Research technology in this research tree to improve your Monster Hunting capabilities. You can increase Energy limit and regain speed, and reduce Energy required for hunting. You can also increase the number of times you can hunt in a row, hunting Travel Speed, DMG Boost, etc. Research these technologies to unlock the ability to hunt higher level monsters!

Upgrade Defenses

Research technology in this research tree to improve your traps’ attributes, increase Wall repair speed, and Trap-building Speed. You can also unlock the ability to repair traps destroyed in battle and save resources.

Upgrade Military

Research technology in this research tree to unlock Gathering Priority and Rally Priority, functions that help you auto-select troops. You can also increase Infirmary Healing Speed, Training Speed, Army Travel Speed, max Talent sets, max Equipment sets, Army Limit, and reduce the cost of training troops.

Army Leadership

Research technology in this research tree to unlock various Army Lineups, improve resource gathering, increase Training Speed, Infirmary Capacity, and Gold production and capacity. You can also research technology that weakens your enemy army’s ATK, DEF, and max HP.

Military Command

Research technology in this research tree to increase resources obtained from [Extra Supplies], resource storage, and max Stamina. You can also expand your Shelter, increase attributes for attacking Darknests, and more.


Research technology in this research tree to unlock higher level Pacts. You can also increase Anima production and Merging Speed, and reduce Merging Costs… all of which will help you in your quest to summon and train Familiars!

Note: This research tree will only be unlocked after clearing [Skirmish 8 – Sacred War]


Research technology in this research tree to improve various attributes and unlock Sigil slots for each equipment type. This allows you to inlay Sigils in your equipment. Different Sigils will grant different skills.

Note: This research tree will only be unlocked at Academy Lv 24.

Wonder Battles

Research this tree to increase troop attributes and max Coalition Army size in Wonder battles.
Note: This research tree will only be unlocked at Academy Lv 24.


Your Leader can wear Equipment for useful boosts. There are 6 different types: Helmet, Armor, Legs, Main-hand, Off-hand, and Accessory. Gather materials to forge and upgrade Equipment in the Workshop. Boosts will only be active when your Leader is alive and uncaptured.

You can also inlay Jewels and Sigils into equipment to increase its attributes. Equipment sets can easily be changed by using the Quick Swap feature (Tap on your Leader’s portrait on the top left → Swap button in the middle of your equipment to access Quick Swap).

Note: Go to the Workshop to learn more about equipment and materials required for forging equipment.


You’ll get Talent Points each time you level up. These can be used to learn or upgrade Talents. Tap on your Leader’s portrait on the top left corner, and the first blue icon on the left to find your Talents. Here, you can assign Talent Points to Talents for boosts.

You can unlock more Talent Sets by researching [Innate Talent] in the Academy (in the [Upgrade Military] research tree). You can also gain more Talent points by researching [Hidden Talent] in the [Military Command] research tree.


Guilds are an important part of Lords Mobile in this war-torn Kingdom. Joining a guild will grant you access to events like the Guild Fest and Guild Showdown, and features such as Guild Help (where your guildmates can help speed up your construction and research projects) and Monster Hunt. Work together with your allies to raid your enemies, protect each other from attacks, and fight for the Wonders! Share gifts, treasures, and supplies with each other. The Guild Shop will also be available, along with its inventory, which you can purchase with Guild Coins.


You will receive various different messages in this game, e.g. System Messages, Supply Reports, and Battle Reports. These will be sorted into different mail folders. You can also tap on the star to the right of a message to save it. Each mail folder has a limit to how many messages it can hold. Once the limit is reached, old mail will be deleted automatically. Make sure you check your mailbox to ensure that you do not miss out on any important messages.


There are many quests that you can complete in Lords Mobile: [Turf Quests], [Admin Quests], [Guild Quests], and [VIP Quests].

Turf Quests:
Turf Quests will guide you through the game. If you are new here, follow the recommended Turf Quests, as they will help you progress through the game and understand its intricacies.

Admin Quests:
Admin Quests are completed once the countdown timer ends. There are 5 Quest Grades: Legendary > Epic > Rare >Uncommon > Common. Higher graded Quests yield better rewards, including Equipment Materials and Jewels. Once you have completed a list of quests, it will take 6 hours for a new list to become available. Quests that are completed or in-progress will not reset before the 6 hours are up.

Guild Quests: Guild Quests are only unlocked when you join a Guild. Guild Quests are similar to Admin Quests, as they are also completed once the countdown timer ends. They also have 5 Quest Grades: Legendary > Epic > Rare >Uncommon > Common. Higher graded Quests yield better rewards, including Equipment Materials and Jewels. Once you have completed a list of quests, it will take 6 hours for a new list to become available. Quests that are completed or in-progress will not reset before the 6 hours are up.

VIP Quests:
More VIP Quest Chests will be available as you increase your VIP level. You can open 1 VIP Quest Chest each hour to get many amazing items.

Note: You can use [Quest Scroll (Guild)] and [Quest Scroll (Admin)] to refresh the lists of Guild and Admin quests respectively.

You can auto complete Admin Quests at VIP 7, and auto complete Guild Quests at VIP 8. All you need to do is tap the Auto-Complete button to claim your quest rewards.


About Sigils:

  • Sigils and Sigil slots look different from Jewels and Jewel slots.
  • You can unlock Sigil slots by performing research under the [Sigils] research tree.
  • Jewels cannot be inlaid into Sigil slots.
  • Sigils cannot be inlaid into Jewel slots.
  • The Sigil’s skill will not work if it is inlaid into equipment of a higher grade. For example, a [Legendary] Shadow Sigil will work on Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary Equipment. A [Common] Shadow Sigil will only work on Common Equipment.

About Sigil Skills: Each Sigil has unique skills. e.g. the Wolfpack Sigil increases Rally ATK (only for Wonders: Forts, Base, Royal Wonder, District Wonder) based on the total number of Wolfpack Sigils inlaid into the equipment of the rally participants (does not include Rally Captain)

Get Sigils from:

  • Mall packs.
  • Various in-game events.


No longer are monsters just wild creatures, to be hunted for the treasures they possess! Now, Athena has extended her blessings, and granted all Lords and Ladies the ability to forge pacts with Monsters and make them Familiars! Train your Familiars to their full potential! Their support skills will improve your turf and their attack skills will destroy your enemies! With these formidable companions by your side, nothing will stand in your way!

All your Familiars can be found in the Monsterhold, a special building found in the leftmost area of your Turf. You can summon Familiars by opening Pacts, which can be made in the Mystic Spire. Duplicate Familiars will be turned into Runes. To make Pacts, you must merge Anima (a resource produced by the Springs) with other items. Runes are required to enhance your Familiar and make them stronger! To upgrade your Familiar, you must also max out their level. You can increase their level by training them in the Gym.

Inviting Friends

Voyage Quests are unlocked at Castle Lv 4. You can start inviting friends to join your Allied Voyage at Castle Lv 7. Complete quests together and you’ll both get rewards!

Voyage Quests

  • Last for 14 days.
  • Complete the quests to get rewards.
  • Finish all quests to get the Completion Reward!

Inviting Friends

  • Invited friends that join and link their account will get the [Welcome Gift]
  • You will receive an [Invitation Reward] when a friend you invited joins the game.
  • You get the [Comrade Reward] when your friend completes a Voyage Quest.
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