Super Versus – Tips, Tricks & Outfits

Trick – Wave Dashing

This one is pretty simple. All you having to do is hold down the key for any ability, look towards the ground, and spam the dodge button.

You can also do this without an ability, but it only really works between a wall and the ground.

This can also be done on the ceiling by looking up instead of down, and on the side of walls by looking to the side, and you can do it on normal walls by looking up for up and down for down.

Trick – Holding Objects & Players Through Walls

You can hold and object, or a player through a wall, by simply walking to the other side, whilst keeping the object on the side opposite of you.

Super Versus - Tips, Tricks & Outfits

The object can still be thrown, grabbed, ect.

Trick – Escape a Grab

Although one of the voice lines when grabbing someone says “there is no escape”, that is actually false. If someone is grabbing you, you need to look straight at them and press grab to grab them. This is really hard to pull of since when you’re grabbed you’re camera spins, but it is possible, and is very useful.

Trick – Object Punch

This is very simple. When you grab an item, instead of throwing it, quickly drop it, and punch it. This gets the almost the same distance as a fully charge throw, and is much faster.

Trick – Dolphin Dive

This isn’t very useful, but looks funny.
Hold the fly button, and shift to fly down. When you hit the ground, jump.
This isn’t very useful, but it’s funny.

Super Versus - Tips, Tricks & Outfits

You can also do it by holding shift while standing, then jumping,and quickly getting back on the ground.

Tip – Grabbing

There are 2 things you can grab:

  • Objects
  • Players

Both when grabbed, can be thrown.
The cool thing is, you can grab a player holding an object. You can throw them like normal, but they will keep their object.
Another cool thing, you can grab an object that another player is holding!

Tip – Shielding Vs. Dodging

There is a time for shielding, and a time for dodging.
Times to shield:

  • Being attacked with a Lazer Blast~ Will cause enemy to shock.
  • Being attacked with Freeze~ Will cause enemy to freeze.
  • When Objects are being thrown at you (you sometimes live, sometimes don’t, dodging is a safer bet, but you have to react fast).
  • Punch (can sometimes be shielded, again, is risky, and a dodge is better in the end).

When to dodge:
Anything that isn’t listed there. To shield, press the shield button.
To dodge, press to fly button, and direction you want to go in.

Tip – Counters

Each move has a counter:

  • Forcefield>Laser&Freeze
  • Shock>Forcefield
  • Freeze>Shock
  • Laser&Punch>Objects

Tip – Shock + Objects

When using the shock, you can push objects by looking in the direction you want them to go in, and then using the shock ability in the object’s radius. This isn’t super useful, but you can do fun things like push a bunch of items up a elevator shaft.

Super Versus - Tips, Tricks & Outfits

Tip – Object Catching

If a player throws an object at you, you can catch it. You will need pretty good timing, but it’s possible.


Doom Guy (No Helmet)

Super Versus - Tips, Tricks & Outfits

Iron Man

Super Versus - Tips, Tricks & Outfits
Super Versus - Tips, Tricks & Outfits

Pepper Potts (In Suit)

Super Versus - Tips, Tricks & Outfits
Super Versus - Tips, Tricks & Outfits


Super Versus - Tips, Tricks & Outfits

One Punch Man

Super Versus - Tips, Tricks & Outfits


Super Versus - Tips, Tricks & Outfits


Super Versus - Tips, Tricks & Outfits


Super Versus - Tips, Tricks & Outfits

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