Magia: Charma Saga – Battle Results Guide

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Battle Results

Various information is displayed in the Magia Battle Results window.

Magia: Charma Saga - Battle Results Guide

A) Success / Failure Status

  • The stage clear status is shown.
  • Upon success: STAGE CLEAR.
  • Upon failure: STAGE FAIL.

B) Stage Name

  • Name of the stage played.

C) Stage Clear Rank

  • There are 8 different stage clear ranks: F, D, C, B, A, S, SS, and SSS.
  • Different rewards are provided for each rank.
  • Ranks are calculated based on clear times, max combos, aerial hits, overkills, etc.

D) Game Time

  • Adventure Time: the time it took to clear the stage.
  • Best: the shortest length of time it took for the player to clear the stage.

E) Battle Details

  • Monster Kills: the number of monsters defeated in this stage.
  • Max Combo: the highest combo achieved on the stage.
  • Aerial Hits: the number of cumulative hits on enemies on air.
  • Overkills: the number of enemies with an HP lower than 30% defeated in a single blow.

F) Level / EXP Results

  • You can view the amount of EXP earned for clearing the stage, total EXP, and character level.

G) Clear Reward

  • Various rewards are provided to the Adventurer when a stage is cleared.
  • Depending on the grade of the stage cleared, bonus rewards can be acquired.

H) Recommended Leveling Method

  • The recommended leveling method can be viewed upon stage failure.
  • Using the recommended leveling method to develop gear and skills increases the chances of clearing the stage.

I) Try Again

  • Allows you to play the stage again.

J) Leave

  • Allows you to move to the World Map.

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