Fable Anniversary – Getting Sword of Aeons at the Very Start of the Game (Aeons Clipping Glitch)

Getting Sword of Aeons

This works for all versions of Fable – the original Xbox release, the Xbox and PC version of TLC, and the Xbox 360 and PC version of Anniversary.

You just need to mess around with the camera try to get the wasp deep in the ground then ♥♥♥ with your camera until you see the green floor under the tiles then ♥♥♥ rush and you will eventually clip to where the sword of Aeons is.

Its interesting that you can get both the sword of Aeons and the bow of scorm, and break the games economy by buying potions low and selling them high in bulk within the first hour before even doing your first quest. first you can just have ♥♥♥ rush and summon get the sword of Aeons, then get as much guile as you can get start collecting HP potions run past monsters or kill them with your OP sword until you get to the temple of scorm mark that on your teleporter go to oakvale and bowerstone get the 2 hired swords sacrifice them both at the right time of day of if you got your day right only sacrifice 1 on the right day then get as many HP potions as you can grind with your OP bow and your OP sword raise your guile enough and get enough HP potions and even on the highest difficulty you can break the game even on the highest difficulty.

Fable Anniversary - Getting Sword of Aeons at the Very Start of the Game (Aeons Clipping Glitch)

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