Road Redemption – How to Unlock All Bikes and Riders for Single Player

A simple way to unlock all motorbikes and riders (to beat campaign with) and more without grind.


If for whatever reason you don’t want to grind, here’s an easy way to unlock all motorbikes. You can also change other specs of the game if you feel like doing it. To do all that, follow the steps below.

How to Find and Open it?

  • Go to ‘My Documents’ folder.
  • Find there ‘Road Redemption’ folder and open it.
  • Then open the ‘Saves’ folder.
  • Find ”” file and open it with ‘Notepad’.

Unlock All SP Motorbikes

In the notepad find the following line:

  • <unlockAllRidersAndBikes>

It will be set to ‘false’ if you haven’t unlocked everything. Instead of ‘false’, set it to ‘true’.
After you do that it will look like this:

  • <unlockAllRidersAndBikes>true</unlockAllRidersAndBikes>

That’s all you need to do to unlock all single player bikes.


You can also change: number of melee kills, money acquired, stats for the character, riders used to beat campaign, etc. Just look around and change what you feel like needed. Just make sure you make a backup of the file first.

Below I’ll show one of the last examples.

Unlock SP Riders (Riders Used to Beat Campaign)

You should have the 1st rider by default when you beat campaign the 1st time.
Here’s the list of all of them for single player (Just paste them same way, so they look like below):

  • <ridersUsedToBeatCampaign>
  • <string>42d4c07d-b842-40e6-9f12-aafde7503f06</string>
  • <string>b3ab6ef8-8602-48d6-8e2c-ec459f859ead</string>
  • <string>f6400b70-ea0d-494c-ba2e-70e675c559a5</string>
  • <string>6c597860-3c71-4367-bd59-e08f09b89bf2</string>
  • <string>d4df5b37-2e33-4713-897b-a2a584ef4b25</string>
  • <string>9e7deea5-6bab-49c4-93f5-cab4bfa11b4c</string>
  • <string>c89de770-afaa-41f9-bc0a-683ef081393b</string>
  • <string>a0fb9bbf-9340-43a0-98c4-623c8ec6fc3a</string>
  • <string>b2796153-c3fc-42dc-b4a9-02b9d5e40262</string>
  • <string>8e79618e-9dc9-476d-9c8f-f58a99d9baaa</string>
  • <string>7654e21f-220c-4e45-bfaf-3880ddb210ed</string>
  • <string>f72d4176-876a-4913-9a8f-3a7485bafcc7</string>
  • </ridersUsedToBeatCampaign>

After you paste it, make sure you save the file. And then just play the game.

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