HARDCORE MECHA – MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)

This guide is for the multiplayer part of the Mechs weapons, armor and boost power.


This will show you how the data works.

  • The Boost Power was testing by holding the dash button to see how long the mech keep boosting until it runs empty, not jump boosting.
  • Explosive Projectile have a area of effect damage (AOE) and direct hit damage (DH) so dont worry if you miss the target.
  • Shields do have they own armor and decrease damage before it fails that needs to recharge.
  • Some energy weapons have a charge that drains by each shot so overdoing it will reload the weapon.
  • Weapons do have a range limit on damage and accuracy so weapons like Assault Rifle, Sniper and Cannons wont lose much damage and accuracy at long range.


Assault mechs are balanced with armor, boost power, range, melee and special weapons.

  • The Thunderbolt high cost comes with good stats then other assault mechs so be careful not to get blowup.
  • The Paintball and E version you need to keep firing on the target for the build effect to keep going.

HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)
HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)
HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)
HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)

  • Decoy are good to make hammer cannon waste shots.
  • Decoy can make your escape easier to fool the enemies coming after you.

HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)


Heavy mechs are the big guns to bring into a fight with good armor but the trade off is speed.

  • The Hammer cannon is one of the slower mechs to use and melees will come to get you so try to stay in the air and missile them.
  • Siege mode is prefect to counter Sniper mechs after all you hit harder and your shield will last so take your time to fire.

HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)

  • The Heavy Grenade Launcher arc fire should be use behind cover cause you cant move while using it.

HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)


Melee mechs have good combo damage but range weapons and boost power are weaker when most mechs.

  • The Crimson Flame high cost comes with good armor and melee damage but you have to use your mobility carefully to get in close with less damage as possible.
  • Crimson Gaze is weak but is good to add to your Martial Arts combo.

HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)

  • Rocket Anchor is the best way to get into melee due to stunning your target while you being pull in.
  • The Explosive Gel Spray is a good weapon for running away or combo with melee due to its delay explosive.

HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)

High Mobility

High Mobility mechs come in 2 types speed or boost power. Some can stay in the air for a long time while others can move around battlefield with ease in speed.

  • Flying in the transformed fighter takes skill to use like firing all 3 weapons, learn when to dodge and watch your boost power so train in this mode to get use it.
  • You can transformed melee for quick damage and fly away.

HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)

  • This is more of a bomber then a fighter so keep that in mind. The AOE for the bomb is very good so just drop it at a high area but when trying at close to the ground you can be hurt by your own bomb.

HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)

  • Magnetic Grenade can use be for traps, light artillery, combo damage and running away being one of the most useful weapons.

HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)

  • Hover mines is a good keep away or running away from melee mechs.

HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)


Snipers can see a good size of the map in sniper mode giving you map awareness to pick the right targets but your melee is weak so use you boost to fly away or trap weapons.

  • The Hover mines are one of the best traps in the game with 3 of them you can damage melee mechs from getting close or running away and close entries for a short time.

HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)

  • The Arash can use sniper mode in the air as long as you want with no worry about boost power but keep in mind not to over drain your sniper.

HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)

  • The Enhanced Optic is a very good tool for map awareness to hunt down mechs you can fight but keep in mind of the cooldown if your going to use it in sniper mode.

HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)

Mass Production

These mechs have fewer weapons and lower stats then the hero mechs. There are some advantage to use these mechs like the low cost and one good area in stats. To get the max damage out of these mechs use the Heavy Pilot Rocket Launcher by doing quick ejects then get back into the mech.

  • The Zaku or Leo of grunts easy to get blow up but like all grunt mechs it takes a skill pilot to stand up to any hero mech so be that badass pilot like Char Aznable.
  • The one big advantage to the Overlord is the low cost so you dont have to worry getting blowup alot.

HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)

  • Not a red Overlord only blue.

HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)

  • This mech damage output at close range is high for a Mass Production type even passing some hero mechs.

HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)
HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)

  • For the cost comes with good armor, large ammo and decent melee.
  • You wont do a dash attack with the Kick but if time it right you can counter a enemy melee dash attack.

HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)

  • At a low cost comes with a shield you can use to make up for the low armor.

HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)

  • Trades the shield and SMG for a Assault Rifle.

HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)

  • Very good boost power.

HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)

  • This is more of a training mech to get use to the better Geier versions at low cost.
  • Decent Beam SMG damage.

HARDCORE MECHA - MP Mech Stats (Multiplayer)


As a last resort to do as much damage as possible or try to make sure you dont give as much points to the enemy players by going to the safehouse.

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