The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing – Short Easy Heroic Hardcore Achievement Guide


Now there are some other Heroic Guides out there but i just want to share my SHORT strategy on how i did manage to beat the game easily on heroic hardcore. The game starts harder and will eventually be pretty easy when you reach level 14 ish.

If you really just want the achievement go to Documents/neocore games and copy paste the heroic hardcore on the desktop so you if you die you delete your old savegame and paste over the new one.

This guide actually starts at level 14 but some tips on how to survive early game hell:

  • Make a ranged hunter.
  • Skill some on explosive shot.
  • Keep shooting at enemies run back again. Basically a hit and run tactic. enemies will come for you, you turn around shoot once run away again when you got a bit of distance do it again. As soon as you unlock etheral embodyment(invisibility) life gets a bit easier.
  • At level 14 you are probably at the earth worm boss. You can do him best still in ranged by running around the map, keep going invisible if too many enemies slow you. Run around in circles and keep activating light pillars. Harass the boss a bit until too many enemies sorround you, go invisible rince and repeat. For some this part could be the hardest one in the game.
  • Be careful at the entrance to the swamp as many enemies will come sorround you and block the exit. I recommend making a save file at this point.

Level 14

As soon as you are level 14 you may or may not reskill depending on how much money you have.

If you need more you can either try the early part of borgovia city with ranged(not recommended that much) or grind early levels by ticking the enemy respawn box and restart the game to make new ones spawn.

What i did was:

  • Put all abillity points from the ranged build (dex) into body.
  • If you have more money to spare you can put all of your points into luck, withdraw half of them and put half of them to dex again. There will be a better explanation in the perk part of this guide.

What i skilled on level 14:

  • Go put one point into bash and one point into flowing combo. you wont need any other abillity than flowing combi in the game from now one.
  • Put all your points in to parrying and bodybuilding Skill.
  • Keep 1 point spare for the etheral skill.
  • Put one point in thrilling heroics and one point into rampage, optional but thats what i did. After that you will skill it later on.

If you level up each time put all your points into flowing combo,parry,bodybuilding,full resistance(occult hunter skill). The importance is the order of appearance.


As soon as you have a small loan of a million gold goins its time to respec for some perk unlocks. Perks will unlock forever aslong as you met the requirement ONCE. There are some ways you can do these perks but here is what i did.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing - Short Easy Heroic Hardcore Achievement Guide

Precise – 5% Critical Chance on your first attack on an enemy. You want this as crits are pretty useful in this game.

Berserker – 10% damage boost at max rage. In van helsing 1 mystic warrior build its stronger to dont use rage abillities.

Iron Man [Required is Berserker + Level10] – If your health drops, resistances increase. Pretty useful.

After that take take some points off, put around 40 points on Dex, 15 points on Will and the rest back on Body. This enables the following perks:

Artful Dodger – 10% Dodge and 5% Attack Speed (Useful but skill at last/if you have perk points aviable).

Slayer – + 10% Damage.

Now after that respec again and put around 100 points into luck to get some juicy crit perks:

Destructive – 50% Critical Damage(You want this).

Perfect Aim – 5% Critical Chance (You want this too).

After that the last one you probably can get but are useful too:

Survivor (Needs lots of body)- 5% Health, 20% better Health Regen.

Drinker (Unlocks after drinking lots of potions) – 20% Potion Efficiency and +50 Poison Resist.

At last there are some other things you can take i took wight so katharina can be even more tanky/ give you more resistances but more on that later

Level 30 Final Build

Here is my final build and i recommend to put away the point in arcane healing and just dump everything first into rampage as max rage will give you more crit chance. Then put every rest on last stand and the few points still aviable can be put into thrilling heroics.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing - Short Easy Heroic Hardcore Achievement Guide
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing - Short Easy Heroic Hardcore Achievement Guide
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing - Short Easy Heroic Hardcore Achievement Guide
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing - Short Easy Heroic Hardcore Achievement Guide

This is how it should look like in the end.

How to Spec Katharina

While you may have her as a melee tank in early levels, she wont do much good as the ai often passes by and ignores her. I recommend to put her into ghost form as soon as you unlock spirit guardian.

In lategame she will die a lot solely because she will suck up a lot of damage for you. Here is what i skilled her on and the order of importance goes that way:

  • Skill spirit guardian as often as you can.
  • Incorporal defense.
  • Gift of resistance.
  • More damage.

Try to maximize those in the order of appearance. Of course if you feel tanky because you have good tanky gear but lack damage skill some damage but at the end you will solely have 5 points in damage.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing - Short Easy Heroic Hardcore Achievement Guide

Final Words

The bosses itself arent that hard really, the worst threat are usually mana drain specials, just attack them with hit and run tactics by attacking until low life and running away in etheral form.

Overall the games difficulty is definetly manageable. It can depend on the gear you have but usually you should have any problems when you reached the base in bogovia city.

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