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Aim Lab - 100% Achievements Guide

Written by craftablescience   /   Sep 16, 2019    
Aim Lab - 100% Achievements Guide

How to get every achievement for Aimlab.

Early Access User and Founder Achievements

These achievements are unlocked when you reach the main menu for the first time, after registering an account.

Note that these are time-sensitive! Once the game leaves Early Access, it will be impossible to collect these achievements, blocking a perfect 100% forever.

Every Other Achievement

In this game, there are multiple different gamemodes you can play. If you play each gamemode 100 times, you get every other achievement! Here are the gamemodes:

  • Spidershot
  • Reflexshot
  • Strafeshot
  • Pentakill
  • Strafetrack
  • Circletrack
  • Blinkshot
  • Ninjashot
  • Detection
  • Microshot
  • Freetrack
  • Audiospatial
  • Capacity
  • Decisionshot

For each gamemode, there are achievements for playing it:

  • 1 time
  • 5 times
  • 15 times
  • 30 times
  • 50 times
  • 75 times
  • 100 times

This will take a very long time, but there is no skill required in getting these achievements, only dedication and a lot of free time. Good luck!

Written by craftablescience.

Game:   Aim Lab