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Cat Quest - Dungeon Master Achievement Guide

Written by LibrantaeV1   /   Oct 1, 2019    
Cat Quest - Dungeon Master Achievement Guide

After endgame you decided to clear out all of the dungeons to get the Dungeon Master achievement, but you reach 51/52 and after exploring the whole map you just don´t find that dungeon.

If it´s that the case, this may help you out!

How to Get Dungeon Master Achievement

In short: You have to kill / destroy the traps in the whole dungeon also the mimic chest located in the Hidden Cave, northeast from Winter´s Edge where you will find a "bush".


  • Head to Winters Edge, take a nap to quick save in case you die.
  • Head Northeast to the small frozen island.
  • Now this is the dungeon you are looking for (you can´t see the name and the question mark cause I already did it), maybe you already enter, the only thing you founded is a bunch of anoying traps, a mimic chest and golden chest with legendary gear (in case you explore).

Cat Quest - Dungeon Master Achievement Guide
Cat Quest - Dungeon Master Achievement Guide

Gear Up

Cat Quest - Dungeon Master Achievement Guide

Using the most optimal gear will be key, since the traps don´t deal HUGE amount of damage but a lot of dps with all of the traps together.

No worries, you won´t need to farm gear just go to your inventory and equip gear the boosts your armor, as you know the armor regenerates itself and that will come handy, so don´t worry about having a ton of health, damage or magic damage, full armor should do the work

Note: No worries if you are not high lvl yet, since the damage that you recieved will be equivalent to your level, but you might have better results in high lvl since you will have better gear.

Fighting off the Traps

Cat Quest - Dungeon Master Achievement Guide

This traps are diferent than the ones the enemies summon during combat, those ones are on the ground just for a limited of time, but this ones will have health. I know if you get inside you can´t do ♥, but you can use your abilities.

  • All your damage abilities work!

    Okay, but what if I run out of mana?

  • Not a problem because you can destroy them with your melee atacks aswell, you just need to position right next to it, so the swing of your weapon hits the trap since they don´t have much health I think with 1 hit o 2 will be enough, you might recieve damage but here is where the armor comes handy, if you get injured just wait a couple secconds and you will be good to go!

The Last Trap

Cat Quest - Dungeon Master Achievement Guide
Cat Quest - Dungeon Master Achievement Guide

The last one, this one will be located in the end of the dungeon

  • Where I´m standing in the screenshot, go straight foward non-stop till you reach the final golden chest (incase you don´t have them yet).
  • After killing this last trap the dungeon clear message should pop up and the Dungeon Master achievement aswell.

Game:   Cat Quest
Written by LibrantaeV1.