Iratus: Lord of the Dead – Tips for Beginners

The guide mainly focused on presenting one of the strategies enabling to pass the game at the highest level. It contains some valuable tips for beginners in this type of games.

What is This Guide For?

  • This guide is mainly for people who want to face the biggest challenge in the game and get the final achievement.
  • This is not the only strategy, but I came to it by trials and errors. Reading this guide you can lose this element of fun. I would like to dissuade you from this, but it is possible that for some of you it will be a clue or a way to better fun.
  • I apologize in advance for my English. I’m not an english native speaker ;). However, I think that the guide should reach a wider audience this way.
  • It took me about a week to complete the game, so maybe I haven’t learned everything yet.
  • The strategy will certainly work at lower difficulty levels. I honestly advise you against this. They are to enjoy the game and test various options. Playing at the highest level of difficulty requires patience and can be tedious. However, you may not succeed without it. If you start hurrying, you don’t heal all the minnions, you don’t replenish your mana, you can lose in the next step. If you get bored, it’s better to take a break and come back to the game after some time than to waste your progress.
  • Remember last, be patient is the key to victory!

What Minions?

Your team should look like this:

  • Mummy.
  • Shade.
  • Bone Golem.
  • Bone Golem.


  • The key to winning is to get out of every fight and gain more than you lose in it.
  • At the beginning you can afford to lose a little experience, for example, to the first fight by adding a different minion or replace it if you are afraid that it will not survive the next fight. Resources and items are more valuable than 1 experience point. Wounded minnions that you use that way can fill the empty spots in your fortress or be sacrificed. Until you get “Relentles evil” skill to regenerate mummy and Shade hp its better to swap it (see hint replacements below).
  • You should start to get lev 7 on minions at the end of the second level. It means you’re going the right way.

What skill I use and why…

Bone Golem

Amazing minion and core of your team. Don’t need to be lev 2 to be good.

  • Start to upgrade self heal from 15% to 20%.
  • Reduce cost of bone armor to 15 hp.
  • Put rest skill to boost accuracy (they miss very often on the lower levels. You will need extra damage sooner or later).
  • I recommend that one take skill onslaught (first skill) to push back enemies. Very useful for destroing shield stance oponents and demolitions experts with candles. It wil be your only one push skill in a team. Second golem can take more damage option on skill one(second spot golem use it more often).
  • Recomended items: weapon and armor to boost damage and resistant.
  • Main role: stay on the front. Take damage, heal if you risk your death. heal to 100% if battle start to end. Use shield on other golem or minions in the back. Do damage and debuff if you can.


Lev 2 as fast as you can. Good mix of self healing, debufing, and mana regen.

  • Take +10 hp and + 10 mana skill first. You don’t need 20 mana. Be patient and wait until you get 80-100% mana at the end of a battle. Self heal is more important.
  • Take -40% to Accuracy debuff. It will help on first 2 lev and big golems.
  • Take -10% stance, accuracy +8, + 2 armor and evasion on last skill. Body parts should boost your evasion too for something like 40% and you should be good.
  • Recomended items: evasion and armor or magic armor
  • Main role: at the beginning debuf minions without wards. regen mana if you have free turn. Use stance to get 10% def bonus and put mummy in 3-th spot to use his dread atack and debuff skill.


Geat damage dealer. Can atack everyone and debuff luck from enemy. Pull enemies and destroy stances. clear debuff from minions (most important to clear are fire and 100% crit and double damage to you).

  • Agile grasp bread and butter of mummy. -10 to luck but permament. You can lower damage income of enemy and anable to crit those super resistant enemy at the end.
  • Then added + 15 hp bonus on your support skill its a lot +3 atack also nice bonus but you will use it in difficult moment so heal > wrath.
  • The rest doesn’t matter. just you don’t need dread bonuses. Initiative and luck is nice bonus and block and wards.
  • Recommended items: weapon for damage bonus, and magic resist or evasion less.
  • Main role: damage and put debuff to reduce damage. simple. You can use mummy to stress Dhampires to get them and early stress oponents to force them to flee

Substitutes… Sometimes you will need a replacement for one battle to take some damage and heal. Below are my recommendations.

Dark Knight Lev 2

Good resistant and good mana gainer. Some good damage to. Swap to faster regen mana or heal your bone golems. He would be perfect if self healing did not cost so much wrath and was not dependent on a hit.

Zombie Lev 2

One skill make it OP. +50% damage +ward +block. Its good on second position to take damage infinitly and canonball from time to time. No self heal and opponents can crit from time to time make it only a subsitute.

Unfrozen Lev 3

Penetrating spear is realy good. 100% Stun opponents on last position. So you fight now 3v3 only. Also frozen minions regenerate good ammount of hp for a price of stun. Call of winter is realy strong debuff. You can one shot every opponents with it and Volley of spears destruction spell + 20% bonus from items on Iratus is nice, single target combo. Also can heal and remove traps good on early levels.. If in the next update party will have 5 minions i will take it 😉

No self heal (can’t freez himself), can get big hits, low hp pool. Opponent on last position can have block and lots wards for combo with spells. Golems and other minions can take hits instead of opponents on last possition. Definitely my favorite replacements but not to good on every situations.

Strategy Throughout the Game

At the beginning general rules…

Try to generate a map with an early sacrificial altar. Use Dark Knight on it. It will give you a book that grand you free 300 exp on a next fight. The more the better. You realy need 9 levels realy fast to become a god 😉 or at least the game will get easier from now on…

You will certainly make mistakes, so keep at least the ingredients for one golem and mummy.

Deal damage quickly to units that does it the most to you. Keep 1 or 2 units at the end and start healing, regen mana and use mummy to lower crit rate to 0% on them. Put block from golem on everyone and regen to full. Most important to kill will be:

Lev 1

  • Miners (early)
  • Demolition expert
  • Headsman
  • Mages, guard, taskmasters (not priority) you can debuff them -40%

Lev 2

  • Bberserkers!
  • Firethrowers!
  • Oracles
  • Geomancers (debuff -40% its also ok)
  • Traders (anoying)
  • Alchemist (if they elite)

Lev 3

  • Scouts
  • Bards (should be easy to kill, and her stunn on 1 possition omg)
  • Elite crosbowmans
  • Shadow elf
  • Conjures

You will have big problems to accumulate a large number of skulls and bones. Try not to use them to create minnions for sacrifice. Try to find them in graves on a map. If you realy need another minion create a vampire. His components has the lowest value.

To upgrade your minions you only need bones and skulls and some dust and rugs, 1 flesh, 1 armor. From 2 component you can make 1 different. Learn how to do it and start to create new component then you are comfortable with your team, even if it seems potentially a waste. Remember that you may also need 2 legendary armor component and weapons to create a legendary weapon and armor item also needet to buff your minions.

On a map try to avoid early elite squad. (less than 5 fight) try to find a late one. Plan early your whole route and count your steps. Take a route with altars and stele with the most fight you can take. Every fight is an experience and components. Its realy important. Try also avoid quests. You can lose a lot and usually you lose.

On stele always take exp for Iratus!

After every fight ask yourself a question! Can I do something to upgrade my team? Maybe new building or invest into new item. Also check your artifacts and consumable artifacts. Maybe you need to change something for next fight.

Never give your minions uncomons and rare parts. Bonuses are weak and you will need those part to make a legendary one. There is one artifact for Icarus that i recomended. It gives +20 hp if you have at leat 4 uncomon part. This is the only exception to the rule when it is worth doing it.

Dont afraid to give items to minnions if you can, even if they don’t match perfectly. You will not upgrade items so you will exchange them for better one later.

Items for Iratus…

The best items are that give you additional chance for components or exp.


  • I noticed that for most of the game, shackles blocking escape and inspiration are the most useful. (not early). You don’t use dread attacks, but blocking escape is just that plus. You always want to keep the last creature and not let it escape until you heal the team and regen mana. Often an unexpected escape can ruin your miserable plan. Blockick inspiration is also nice benefit.
  • Braces that deal damage after casting spell are good for bosses.


  • + 20% damage from spell on levels 2 & 3
  • + 3 armor also nice early (dont take +5 armor, 15% to miss a turn, its good for those who don’t care about their minions :D)
  • Items that gives you chance for components


  • + 20 hp for minions that have at least 4 uncomon components
  • + 1 bonus ward also good


  • I found a weapon that gives you exp when the sum of your minions level is 10 (realy good)
  • 8% chance to flee is also good early on
  • I think that was a weapon or ring that regenerate your hp if nobody die in last fight. Its brilliant !


  • The best beside gaining xp are those that give you lost of mana and wrath every turn. Keep them for bosses. Dont afraid to use consumable on level 3

The Strategy

  • Disable in options to create your initial squad.
  • Try to generate a map with an early altar and good road to boss based on tips above.
  • Try to find a good artifact on a begining if not start a game again.
  • Create your initial team 2 golems, Shade and Mummy.
  • Create also 1 skeleton and 1 Dark knight. Build arena first and put your Shade there and Dark Knight in a team for a durration of a first fight.
  • Spend your first 3 skill on Blood Curse and mana regen. This give you now army of vampires.
  • Now your quest begin. On a first fight keep one opponent alive with least damage. Try to stress him but not kill, heal youself during this. Then he try to escape cast a spell on him to convert him into vampire and let him flee.
  • Do this for entire first level you need something like 10 vampire then you can stop. Try to regen mana for at least one spell.
  • Now sacrifice Dark Knight on a libary and put Vampire to work. Take Shade to team.
  • After that there are general rules. Always heal and regen mana to 100%. Try keep at least 1 opponent untouched. Do passive things on mummy (change shade and mummy places). Use wait option if nothing to do. Try to get legendary part and weapon and good artifacts. And survive!
  • Try build at first: 4 places in libary, 2 in Iratus statue, and rest keep on lev 1. Put your vampires to work there or minnions you create for exchange. After that you can invest whatever you want to help you.
  • The most important thing at the end !!!. First 9 point of talents after vampire generator put on Relentless Evil It’s suppper important. Its free heal every turn speed up your fight and enable mummy to heal. Before that You can spamm ultimates to help yourself and after gaining new passive ability just try to remove threads and slowly regen.
  • Next step of talents is i think economy. So put some in alchemy. You can also rush Veteran Commander to gain more xp from fights and level up. It also good if something goes wrong to catch up. But additional parts, transplantation and architecture soul bonus are good and cheap choices. Also if you have good mana regen try bone spear to remove some blocks.
  • Late game after are economy is start to be good, next steps is to find armor that give +20% to magic damage :). Finish blood magic to make your spells cheaper. and get of Volley Spears to make tremendous ammount of damage after your shade or mummy debuf enemy. You will propably also need a Dispel to remove bad buffs and fires on a last boss and fights.
Written by AmetystDragon

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