Skullgirls – How to Play Music with Big Band

Hello, I will teach how to make/play music with Bigband. I will also teach a little (the very basic) about music/octaves knowledge/converting etc.

Understanding Basics

Lets start folks… Ok so first of all I changed my key maps and I ll write with my format. What I done is:

  • LP = Q
  • MP = W
  • HP = E
  • LK = A
  • MK = S
  • HK = D

To open trumpets music mode we need to do WW. The notes they make are:

Q=F4–W=F#4–E=C4–A=A#4–S=B4–D=G4.If you press up and a note it sounds same note but higher (down+note is same note but in lower hertz) eg.:Q+up=F5—Q+down=F3.After knowing the notes you can simply play a song if it avaible for this format.But man I don’t know anything about music how can I understand if I can play it or not.I ll try to explain it.

We have 7 notes and they always follow themself (thats why they called circle).

ABCDEFG represent the notes. In CDEFGABC… Which is Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do. This is Harmony Major which starts with C btw, so we have full full half full full full half note in order.What is full note and half note is simple,the full have sharp between them but half haven’t.This is correct order (we must show helper sound notes which shown as #) C-C#-D-D#-E-F-F#-G-G#-A-A#-B-C.

It ll be little complicated now on C-C#-D-D#-E-F-F#-G-G#-A-A#-B-C What we have is 12+1 note.C that comes after B is the start of the higher note.So it is in higher serial. Eg: A3-A#3-B3-C4 baam C goes up because 3 line is finished with B.What is 3 4 5 stuff if you asked? Well I don’t know that,maybe it comes from piano’s key order. Ok so if you understand I ll tell quickly how to convert songs.What you need to do is counting. Big band can play 12 notes with his MP.You need to check the notes. Eg we have a song which is D-E-D-D-G but I can’t play D and E,fear not my friend we ll convert it. Lets pick D to start point.D-D#-E-F we need to go 3 notes higher to play F so if we go 3 notes up with D-E-D… melody we will have F-G-F-F-A# we don’t go higher than first line (numeral serie) we don’t need to use up or down.But if we go higher or lower line while converting it we must use LP+down/up to go higher or lower.

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Written by Faust

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