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Ratropolis - Build Guide (for Waves 20+)

Written by Tori   /   Nov 6, 2019    

This guide will provide you with some example builds that can clear wave 30.


Why You Die at Wave 20+

The enemy scaling in the game is non-linear. This makes it feel like you're crushing the game at wave 1-10, maybe struggling a bit in wave 11-20, but everything comes crushing down after 20.

At wave 20+, each normal enemy will have roughly the same health and attack as a rare unit like berserker or armored knight, not to mention special ability like AOE attack, fire attack, and projectile defense (for more info, look at Glossary in game).

This means if they class head-on with your army, most/all of your army will die. Even if you survive, you'll be stuck rebuilding your army only to be met with an even stronger enemy.

So, to survive, you need better tools to deal with enemies!

Army Scaling

If you can't win with current units, an obvious solution is "let's make our unit bigger!". In Ratropolis, there are a few way you can make that happen:

  • Simply getting better units. There are two ultimate units in this game, which are Royal Guard (obtained from Squire and Bachelor) and Duck (obtained from egg). It's highly recommended to put the "baby" form of these ultimate units on inner walls since you won't get the ultimate units of they die. Also, since both of these units are single-used, it's highly recommended to combo with multiple Tavern so that you can deploy several of them, and with Aid Station or First Aid to keep them healthy. Upgraded them to level 2 whenever you can.

  • Literally making your unit bigger! There's a single-use skill card called syringe, which increase the max HP of a single deployed unit by 100 (or 150 for syringe level 2). If you have multiple tavern running, you can make your unit huge and harder to kill.

  • Arm your units to the teeth with Re-Use and Arm. Arm is a simple skill card that give temporary buff to military cards in your hand similar to military leader's ability. Re-Use is a skill card that makes the next skill card you used play 2 times (or 3 times if upgraded), including Re-Use. This means that if I played 2 Re-Use in a row, the next skill card will be played 4 times (and 9 if upgraded). 3 in a row will be 8 times / 27 times, and so on. So, what you have to do is playing Re-Use a couple of time, play Arm, and, boom!, you get a couple of super solders on the fields!

Side note: if you don't have a second Re-Use, you can also do it with Specialize -> Re-Use -> temporary Re-Use you get from Specialize -> Arm

  • Barrack scaling. Barrack is a building that can permanently make your unit card stronger. You read that right, it make your unit card permanently stronger. However, due to its long cooldown, you will usually be able to use it only so many times, which might not be enough for the final waves.

  • There are a few cards like Visit that will allow you to use Barrack more often, but there's one card in particular that will make this combo ridiculously strong: Labor Command. Labor Command is basically a global Work card, which is not exactly the best card in the world. However, Labor Command stacks multiplicatively with itself i.e. 2 Labor Command will make all production goes 4 times as fast (or 9, if both are upgraded), 3 will get 8/27 times, and so on. This means... well you know what I'm about to say, you can quickly upgrade your units over and over again as long as you keep multiple Labor Command in effects.

And if you didn't skip reading the previous build, you'll realize that you don't need multiple Labor Command cards if you have Specialize or Re-Use. Yes, it works!

Wall Scaling



  1. Reinforce + repair + longbowrat.
  2. Reinforce + thorn fence.
  3. For both, ignite and bomb are also recommended.


Game:   Ratropolis
Written by Tori.