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Automation Empire - Quick Start Tips

Written by Lucky   /   Nov 21, 2019    

How to start the Factory!

Second Mine and Mine Carts

I started with mine carts - 3 on the right 1 crate maker - 2nd and 3rd truck stop.Next 3 mine carts on the left 1 crate maker.

Factory and Second Street

The drones 12 - 16 pick up the coal crates at the front facing the trucks. The Factory changed the coal 1 kg ore to coal 10 kg. I used also the left over ore from the mine carts for research. The research has to be placed in the green area from each other. Also the entry for the tunnel has a green area - good to know when you plan your own system.

Third Mine Iron

I created a 3rd mine cart and changed iron ore 1 kg to 10 kg iron and more research with left over from the mine carts. This is not a good set up, however the next time we know a better way to do it and it gets you started. Enjoy the game like I do and have fun

5 Gold Ore and 3 More Iron

I expended and have now 5 gold ore 6 iron ore and 9 coal ore. 3 coal ore are used for research points.

Bigger Factory and 1st Combiner

Refined ore gives me 10 kg Iron,Coal or Gold - when I combine Iron & Coal, or Coal & Gold, or Iron & Gold of refined ore each 10 kg I make 2 x 13 kg. I know it looks bad in the picture, but it works for a little time.

Research for the Next Automation

After researching the factory and refiner I started to send refined Iron 75 kg and refined Coal 75 kg to the a research dome to unlock the combiner, Claw train, Crate gate and the truck loader. My drones are still loading the trucks and I hope with the claw train to get more speed to transfer the crates. My next goal is to get the remote connector and set up the factory with the combiner. I'm almost there ... Yes, the next time I would do the set up better, however I like the learning curve in this game and the desire to get it right " Next Time ".

Claw Train

I used it to load the trucks. I did 1 row in the back of the belts to get rid of back up production and I have 3 lanes with trucks now to raise my 3 month Kg. I've sold my drone buildings to save a little tax.

What About the Tax?

This is the edge of the map (red line), however you can't see it under the mountains - A mini map would be nice. This game has 336 day year. 12 month x 4 weeks. I have to pay my tax each week. The game starts with $180.000 and this is Tax free. For every building I buy from now on and for the total profit I have to pay 2% Tax. The tax can change 4 times a month if I make profit or buy buildings. FYI the tax now 1.96% each week, however this can change with the next update. I don't know if this guide is any help for you. Please let me know if you want more tiny help or not. Thank you for your input and have a blessed day .... Lucky

Written by Lucky.