Magicka – How to Obtain Seven Day Cruise Achievement

This guide is the answer and a fast way to get the seven day cruise achievement.

Seven Day Cruise Achievement Guide

The Seven Day Cruise requires you to play 7 consecutive days on the Lonely Island Cruise versus map. This is actually pretty easy. You will need the DLC to play it.

  1. Find a partner to play the map with.
  2. Play a round of versus on the map.
  3. Exit the game, change your system clock to be 15 minutes less than a day into the future.
  4. Go back to step 2 until you get the achievement.

After you’ve gone through step 2 seven times, and step three six times, you will have yourself the achievement.

Notes / Catches

  • You will know it is working if you get the achievement progress indicator pop up right as you’re loading into the map. 1/7, 2/7, etc.
  • I say a day in the future minus 15 minutes because I don’t know how they base the “play a day”. It could be bound to a 24 hour timer. If somebody cares enough, they can set it to a day plus two hours and let me know.
  • Watch out for the month roll over. My friend and I started on the 28th. When we hit the 1st of the next month just moving our calendars forward a day each iteration, it restarted our 7 day counter. Quite lame.
  • I don’t know if you and your friend must have the same time in your clocks for the game to think its working.
  • If changing time on Windows, you can’t just change the clock and go back, make sure you turn off the internet time synchronization first as well. This might apply to other operating systems.

This method allows you to get the achievement in roughly 20 minutes. Probably less.

Hat tip to That Guy for having the patience to put up with my achievement hunting and crazy ideas like seeing if this can be shorted using system clock editing rather than having to come back for 6 more days.

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