Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem – Walkthrough (Puzzles + Achievements)

Puzzle and Achievement Guide for Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem. Warning: Spoilers Ahead.

How to Get All Achievements and Solve Puzzles

All credit goes to CosmicRobins!

Part 1: Austria

  • Start off by finding Judge Sewall’s under the white cloth on the right side of the room.
  • Examine in the right side of the desk to find the hidden key.
  • Go into your inventory and examine the key, expand the key.
  • Examine the wooden craving on the center of the desk and click on the Lantern part of the carving to unveil the hidden drawer.
  • Use the key on the hidden drawer.
  • Solve the simple maze to open the drawer with the book of apologies inside.

Once you have found the book of apologies, you will need to follow Dr. Hirst out of the room, then Nancy will notice that someone is attempting to steal the book of apologies and will then chase after the thief. Follow the thief until you find them in the woods. Once you pick up the AW key dropped by the thief you will get the “AW” achievement.

Part 2: Salem Day 1

Parry House

Creepy Message Achievement

Look inside the trash can in the Parry’s living room to find a ripped up piece of paper, put the piece back together again to get the achievement.

Egged Achievement

To find the literally Easter Egg in this game, use your mouse to look at the base of the plant next to the trash can where you found the ripped up note. You should see a bright orange egg sitting there. Examine it to get the achievement.


Olivia’s Witch Tour

The Witch Tour consists of seven spots around town: 2 are inside the museum 1 is in the town square, and the last 4 are in the graveyard. all of these spots are marked with a raven.

  • Salem Sinkholes (Town Square): This one is probably the hardest to find, so I have attached an image of it’s location to help.
  • The Accused Witch Memorial Sign (Museum): This is the sign on the wall closest to the gift.
  • shop in the Salem museum.
  • Statue of a Puritan Woman (Museum).
  • Little Liberty Statue (Center of Graveyard).
  • Judge Hathorne’s grave (Graveyard).
  • Hathorne House Sign (Graveyard).
  • Unmarked Graves (Graveyard by angel statue).

By finishing Olivia’s Witch Tour, you will get the Welcome to Salem Achievement.

Lock Pick Puzzle

In order to speak to Judge Danforth, you will have to get a paper clip from Alicia Cole and pick the lock on his door. Push in the pins in this order:

Note: There is a glitch that can cause this puzzle to come up as a black screen, I personally have had this issue and my only advise is to turn the music volume all the way down and use sound cues to tell when you have all the pins completely pushed in. If anyone has found a fix for this glitch, please let me know!

Once you have finished Witch Tour and have talked to the Judge, head back to the Parry House and talk to everyone there. Once you get done with this head to the Hawthorne House to meet Lauren Holt. She will invite you into her house to talk. Once Nancy finishes talking to her, Nancy will leave and a spooky cut scene will play. Once this cut scene is over, you will get the Curse not the Darkness Achievement.

Part 3: Salem Day 2

Parry House

Johnny Cakes

Start off by adding 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of cornmeal, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon of baking soda, and 1 teaspoon of salt to the bowl. The next step is to add 8oz of milk, .5oz of butter, .2oz of vanilla, 2 eggs, and a dash of nutmeg to the bowl. When cooking the Johnny Cakes, flip them over when they start to steam. You can make more Johnny Cakes at anytime by clicking on the kitchen counter. To get the Breakfast achievement, just make some more Johnny Cakes anytime after making the require batch at the start of day 2.

Note: Most characters in the have a special Johnny Cake that you can give them, Nancy will let you know which cakes go to who each time you finish a batch. This won’t get you an achievement, but it will get you some extra dialogue with the characters.

Luminous Infusions

Lauren’s Shop, Luminous Infusions is now open for day 2 of the game. You can get the Everyone’s Chores achievement here by helping Lauren out with making herb remedies for clients. Each herb will treat a different condition: Memory condition = sage, High blood pressure = garlic, Indigestion = cinnamon, Anxiety = chamomile, Migraines = feverfew, Nausea = ginger, and Liver condition = our lady’s thistle. Use 1 dose for slight conditions, 2 for moderate, and 3 for unbearable. If you help Lauren out enough, you will get access to aster (starwort) Note: aster will only unlock after you have found the letter explaining that Lauren is a descendant of Tituba. You can get a Truth Serum by mixing Sweet Marjoram, Aster, and Rosemary together. You can get Sweet Marjoram by unlocking Lauren’s box and Rosemary can be found on the forest path to the Hawthrone House.

The key to Lauren’s Box can be found here

Rosemary can be found here

Note: There is no achievement for making the Truth Serum, its just fun to try and force the other character to drink it.

Court House

  • The passcode to the evidence room is 0815.
  • The drawers that are missing evidence are drawers No. 6, No. 11, and No. 18.

Hawthrone House

  • Use the crowbar on the door to make it so you can unlock the door.
  • Look at the mirror in the burnt area on the lower floor, examine the leaves painted on the mirror, the look at the desk across from the mirror and examine the area that the leaves were on top of in the reflection.

Once you have alibis from every suspect in the game for both the fire and the book theft you will get the Investigate Everyone achievement.

Gather and read all the evidence for the case on day two to get the Investigate Everything achievement.

Ghost Hunting

Rotate the right dial to adjust the height of the waves, Rotate the left dial to the distance between waves. This puzzle is extremely finicky and the wave pattern you have to match is randomize each time. If you want a different pattern just exit out of the puzzle and come back to that spot. Master difficulty adds an extra layer to this puzzle where you have to flip the switch in the middle on the sensor to properly adjust the wave to match. Just be patient and carefully move your dials.

Evidence of a Fake Haunting

There are 5 piece of evidence that you need to find, 1 in the graveyard and 4 on the forest path to Hawthrone House. Find the motion sensor on the tree in the graveyard first, then find the jack o’ lantern, fog machine, burnt incense, and ropes on the forest path.

Abigail Hawthrone Woodley’s Grave: Go to Judge Sewall’s grave and examine the plant in front of it to find Olivia’s cipher wheel.

Cipher Puzzle

Match the symbols on the wheel so they match the direction on the paper. The final message is:

  • Restock wands.
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Inventory – just do it!
  • Cat maintenance.
  • Get stock from L.

Solving this puzzle will get you the Get Stock From L achievement.

After this a cutscene will play and you will get the It’s Right There! achievement.

Extra: Day 2 is the first day you can complete the Happy Halloween achievement. In order to get this achievement, you have to crave 12 pumpkins and place them on candles around town. The pumpkin craving station can be found at the museum and Nancy can only carry one pumpkin at a time. The 12 candle locations are:

  • The steps of the Parry House.
  • The Parry Kitchen.
  • The Guest Room at the Parry House.
  • The steps of the courthouse.
  • The counter in Luminous Infusions.
  • The museum counter.
  • The Statue of Roger Conant in Town Square.
  • The stage in Town Square.
  • The haybales in Town Square.
  • Under the tree in the cemetery.
  • In front of the unmarked graves.
  • By the door to the Hawthrone House Carriage House.

Part 4: Salem Final Day

CCTV Puzzle

  • 0:00 – Outside
  • 0:01 – Entrance
  • 0:02 – Hallway
  • 0:03-0:06 – Mens Room
  • 0:07 – Hallway
  • 0:08-0:09 – Evidence Room
  • 0:10 – Hallway
  • 0:11 – Entrance
  • 0:12-0:15 – Outside

Once you have solve this puzzle the Observant achievement will unlock.

Source of the Poisoning

After finishing the CCTV puzzle and finding the getaway car outside of Court House, talk to Jason to learn that the car belongs to Alicia Cole. Talk to Joe, Frank, Olivia, and Lauren to find out the what they all ate and drank the previous day. Then go to Alicia’s Desk and find a black box on her desk containing a demolition order and a waterworks map. Go into the evidence room and use the waterworks map on the larger map of Salem. Rotate the WW map and place over Hawthrone House on larger map to find the source of the Ergot poisoning. The WW map will turn orange when in the correct place

Go to Hawthrone House, examine the area on the ground in the bushes next to the carriage house and use the Rust-B-Gone to open Lauren’s water supply, remove the ergot covered wheat to get the Ergo Ergot achievement.


Use a decorative lantern from Olivia’s store on the Little Liberty statue to open the entrance to the underground passageways. This will unlock the Open Sesame achievement

Underground Passageway

Follow the direction on the phone, on amateur detective difficulty you will have a compass to help you find your way, the path is the same on both amateur and master detective. Go Forward, Left, Left, Right, Right, Forward, Left, Right, Forward, Right, Left, Right, and Forward.
At this point, Nancy and the Hardy Boys will split up. You will now be playing as Frank and will have to follow the AW carving. Go Left, Right, Left, Forward, Forward, Right, Forward, Forward.

Frank will then stop, turn around, and talk to Joe. Turn back around and go Left, Right, Forward, and Forward. Go up the stair and examine the door to talk to the person on the other side of the door. Examine the pieces on the table next to the door. Use trial and error to put the pieces of the key together. Place the key into the door to unlock it.

Hawthrone House

You are now in a secret room in Hawthrone House. On the floor of the room is a circle of pressure plates with astrological symbols on them. To solve this puzzle, you need to press Yule then Litha on the outer most ring, Leo then Taurus on the second ring, 02-02 then 10-31 third ring, and Earth then Air on the final ring. A model of the house will appear in the circle. Push in the doorway and chimney on the model and a secret compartment with a table inside will open. Push over the table and press the button to find the will. This will unlock the Family achievement.

Nancy in the Underground Passage

Back in the underground passage Nancy has found her way to Mei. Now Nancy need to find the Book of Apologies. Remove the large poster from the wall of the hideout to find a chest of drawers. start by place the drawers that are on the sides of the chest

Then use the remaining boxes to fill in the center

Master Detective Solution

  • Once you have completed this puzzle on Master Detective, the achievement Master Sleuth will unlock.
  • Once you have complete this puzzle, the tunnels will start to flood.

Escape the flooding tunnel to unlock the A Narrow Escape Achievement

Final Room

Talk to Mei to get a lighter, use the lighter on the lantern and candles to light up the room. Pick up old note and wooden wing from atop the barrels. Examine the AW carving, then remove the board above to find a metal tool. Use on old note on the candles next to the angel carving to unveil the secret message on the note. Use the metal tool on the correct brick to get the second wooden wing. Place both wings onto the angel carving.

Angel Puzzle

To solve this puzzle, move wing 1 all the way up, move wing 3 all the way up, move wing 4 up twice, then move wing 1 all the way up.

A lock will appear, save here, then use the AW key.

Ownership of the Hawthrone House: there are three achievements that can be gotten from the final confrontation. These are:

  • Heritage: Use both the Book of Apologies and Frances Tuttle’s will to determine ownership of the Hawthrone House.
  • The Book: Use only the Book of Apologies to determine ownership of the Hawthrone House.
  • The Will: Use only Frances Tuttle’s will to determine ownership of the Hawthrone House.
  • Reload from the save point you made before using the AW key to easily get all three.

Final Achievements

Once you have said your goodbyes to everyone and complete the game, achievement Another Case Solved will unlock. After this the last achievement, Trivia Tamer can be unlocked by correctly answering a simple trivia question.

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