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Hand Simulator: Survival - Basics to Survive (Useful Tips and Tricks)

Written by death-frog   /   Dec 23, 2019    

In this guide you can find useful info with pictures about game mechanics and other for best surviving in the game.

Survival Game Guide

Stay Off the Ground!

  • At around 24:00, snakes and scorpions will start to fall from the sky. This is why you must make a platform before nightfall, because the snakes and scorpions will overwhelm you.
  • You don't have to have a big building that has like 10 pieces of bamboo. The bear minimum required is 2 pieces of bamboo and 1 plank, arranged in the following image:

Torched Bone

  • Torches will also give you temperature when near them, very use for night work.
  • Fat can obviously be obtained from any animals, except scorpions, which drop no fat or meat.

Spear Fishing

Spear fishing is very hard to do and is not recommended in any circumstance. It is about impossible to find or even hit fish, and you will have a high chance of drowning. Do at your own risk!

Building Planks

Cracking the Coconut

  • Besides coconuts and wall mushrooms, there are also red mushrooms that can spawn on the ground. All of these won't harm you.
  • Coconuts will refill your entire thirst meter. Very useful!

Red Mushroom


Fire does not have to be 5 logs. It can be any amount, and to even get through the night you have to continuously add logs to keep the fire going.

Extra Information Not in the Pictures

  • Almost all animals (snakes, frogs, fishes, etc.) drop meat, which is a great food source for hunger, in which once you cook it (by putting it close to the fire), it will refill your entire hunger bar. Very useful!
  • You can swim in the water, but if your head goes below the water line you start to take damage.
  • Putting a platform above a fire lets you raise your temperature without being on the ground, which means as long as you have food and wood, you can stay up there the entire night without having to worry about snakes.
  • Most animals die in one hit, such as snakes and scorpions, but animals such as tigers are dangerous and take multiple hits to defeat.

"Winning" the Game

Hint on how to "win" the game.

  • The ship that rescues you each night travels along the same path. What you have to do is that along that path, you have to build a large fire. The ship will then notice you, and you will escape. I will add a picture when I can.

Remember, you will survive more often and be more efficient while working with a group!


Written by death-frog.